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1f closed action skies 3d platforming fading adventure 1dragon

Video Game [CLOSED] 3D Action Adventure (1F, 1Dragon)
Hi everyone!

I’m a solo game developer currently working on a third-person platforming action adventure, for which I need to create a small gameplay demo and a teaser trailer. The trailer will be mostly environment shots with some gameplay, accompanied by a short monolog from the main character. If time permits, the last part of the monolog will be fully animated and lip-synched. The demo requires a few lines of additional dialogue, as well as VO for attacks, jumps, et cetera. The protagonist's sidekick, a small dragon, is also in need of a voice, although he doesn’t really talk. 

Audition Deadline: 18. June 2017

All the details can be found in this Google document:

[Link removed]

Thank you for your time, I’m looking forward to your submissions!
Nice to see you over here, waiting on my new mic to ship but I'll send you an audition at the start of next week. Smile

( BTW for anyone browsing deadline is listed as 18th on the audition doc @Stellaire you may wanna edit your post to include that thanks!)
[Image: CoPQuxG.png]
Hi again! I'm very much looking forward to your audition then. : )

(Post has been updated with the deadline, thanks for the heads-up.)
I sent in an audition for Kyo a fee days ago. Please let me know if it didn't arrive.
Thank you!
(06-05-2017, 07:05 AM)ReeveCedric Wrote: I sent in an audition for Kyo a fee days ago. Please let me know if it didn't arrive.
Thank you!
Your audition has been received. Thanks!
I sent in an audition and I don't know if the file works or not. I really want the part of Ryn and I don't want things just to not work because of file failure. Thank you!
Thank you for sending in an audition! All files I received worked fine, so no need to worry. : )
I've sent an audition. Thank you again for your consideration.

- Brittany Ann
"Use the talents you possess. For the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except the best." - Henry Van Dyke
Auditions are now closed.

Thank you all so much for the amazing submissions and your enthusiasm for Fading Skies! This was pretty much the first time I’ve shared anything about this project with the world, so reading the positive feedback from your emails meant a lot to me. Sorry I couldn’t reply to all of you individually, I’m currently in full crunch mode to get everything done in time for my deadline. (Turns out two months is not a lot of time to make both a playable demo AND a trailer. Who knew?)

I’ll contact you within the next 24 hours if you got the role and will post the casting results in this thread as soon as they are final.

It’s a shame I only have two roles open right now since there are many incredibly skilled actors among you I’d love to work with, but I hope to be back again with more characters in a few months!
I almost forgot: Here are the casting results for Ryn and Kyo!

Ryn: Veritaffle
Kyo: Soluri

Recording is already underway I'll hopefully have a first version of the trailer ready in a few weeks.

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