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dawn male female closed war reopened the audio red series needed 1 casting for episode

Audio Drama Red Dawn: The audio series. REOPENED


Red Dawn: The audio series. A modern retelling of the 1984 film. This version is much different and based in the near future. This is an unpaid project which will be available as free digital downloads.

Roles Needed:

Auditions are for the following characters:

Mr. Eckert

Mr. Morris

Mr. Teasdale

All are open.

Deadline for auditions is October 5th.

Send them to:

I'll just explain the story as it is now.

In the near future, Europe is in absolute chaos due to incompetent, traitorous leadership that has flooded the continent with third world migrants and refugees. Native born Europeans are being bled dry by the lavish welfare being paid to foreigners. They are being displaced, both by the influx and by force of governments. Crimes of all kinds are out of control and those in charge all but tap the wrists of those responsible while severely punishing their own citizens for even speaking out about the chaos. Rape, murder and bombings are an every day occurrence. Russia, having enacted a zero migrant settlement policy, does not suffer these problems. As the continent sinks into hell, the people cry out for salvation from their own mistakes. America refuses to help. President Trump, in his second term, tells the Europeans "twice in a century was enough" and that they made their own mess and have to clean it up themselves. Enraged, and desperate, Europe turns to Russia. Russia proposes a united Europe unlike the EU. They would become one nation, stronger together. The movement rapidly grows. Within a year Migrants have self deported themselves or been forced out. China, having suffered political problems of its own, asks the new European nation for help. Shortly thereafter, China becomes an ally of the European nation. It's ties with America had degraded for some time as their economy faltered, and the American economy recovered. Japan also joins forces with the new nation after Russia, using new technology, were able to finally eradicate the radiation caused by Fukushima. The Japanese people were eager to return the favor to their new friends. The North Korean regime collapses after violent uprisings topple the dictatorship. America pulls out of south Korea as the two enemies unite as one Korea, but become strong allies of America as they are wary of the new European nation and it's intentions. Mexico has severed all but diplomatic ties to America since the construction of the border wall that separated the nations, and Mexico suffered terribly when the flow of US currency stopped from illegal immigrants sending money to Mexico.

The US media, despite it's long questionable ability to tell the truth, calls the situation in Europe "Red Dawn" as the new nation adopts a flag all to reminiscent of the soviet union. This flag has not the hammer and sickle, but the Russian AK47 and medieval sword.

Canada remains neutral, dealing with it's own problems thanks to Trudeau's equally damaging immigration policy which imported millions of middle Easterners. Sentiment among Canadians, who also have been bearing long term financial burdens of welfare to foreigners and massive increases in crimes committed by migrants, have become hostile towards their own government. Revolution in Canada seems inevitable. Still, their relationship with America is the strongest of any of America's allies besides Korea.

On a hot summer early fall day, an American aircraft carrier is destroyed in the Persian gulf. Iran is immediately blamed by US media even before any claim of responsibility is made. Within hours the united states declares all out war. A massive military effort is launched, but what no one knows is that the true culprits of the attack were counting on such a massive US military response.

Nato dissolves. America now stands alone.
On a cool early fall morning a computer virus that had quietly spread all over the internet is activated. Every computer system in the united states that had access to the internet was locked out and disabled. Within hours the entire country was disabled. Computers and smart phones were useless. Television networks shut down. Banks were incapable of functioning. Grocery stores couldn't process anything but cash. The American public, dependent on their devices, have no idea what's about to happen.

It's dawn in America.

Set in Calumet, Colorado and described as a place identical to Ober Gatlinburg, Tennessee, Red Dawn tells the story of young, unexceptional American kids who must put their old lives of updating facebook and tweeting selfies of themselves away and pick up a weapon to fight for their homes and families. This series is meant to be an audio based retelling of the story, only very different. It does not in any way resemble that horrible remake. This is also meant to be a project like Alien: out of the shadows which was an audio movie type of production.

MISC roles:

Mr. Eckert: Jen and Matt's father. Recurring until episode 3 where he's executed.

Line 1: Ah, ya old piece of junk! We got work to do today, and you're just not cooperatin'!

Line 2: I taught you better than that. Don't you be lyin' to me, girl.

Line 3: Alright, you two, that's enough. Come on, you're both gonna be late. Go on, git goin'.

Mr. Morris: Robert's father. Recurring until episode 3 where he's executed.

Line 1: Jennifer, listen to me. Your farm is a ways away, but you can get to the mountains quicker. I want you, your brother and Robert to
head out there until it's safe.

Line 2: Boys, go on into the store and start gathering up supplies. Food, sleeping bags, tents and weapons... everything, just take everything!
Go on, get goin! Put it all in boxes and garbage bags. Jennifer, I got gas cans 'round back, grab them and start filling them up. I'll
hook up an old cargo trailer to your truck, you can use it to carry more supplies and as a shelter if you need it.

Line 3: Go, and don't come back! We'll come find you when it's over.

Mr. Teasdale: Killed in episode 1.

Line 1: Must be paratroopers from fort Carson on training. Well, I would say they are way off course. You kids stay put, I'll
go see what's going on.

Line 2: Hey! This is a school, you can't be doing your training around here!

Mayor Bates. Recurring. Survives longer because he's a weasel collaborator.

These are his only lines in episode 1.

Line 1: Welcome to Calumet, Colonel.

Line 2: Of course, Colonel, anything you need to know.

I much prefer casting ONE person who can do multiple roles and sound a little different. I can always do some pitch work. So if you audition, try and do all the roles available
Just to be absolutely clear, do Matt and Robert have American accents?
(05-30-2017, 05:37 PM)ReeveCedric Wrote: Just to be absolutely clear, do Matt and Robert have American accents?

Uh, yes. I will say which ones will have British when I need them. Otherwise all are American.
Which of the lines need a British accent? Just wondering.
This is all that's British right now:

"Secure the area! No one leaves!"


That's all for now.

Colonel Bell doesn't make his debut till the next episode. He's British and will have a lot to say.
210 views and no auditions?
Did you not receive my auditions?
I just sent them again
I also sent in an Audition recording. Even if not chosen, I would love to receive some feedback on my recording. Being a newb, I would love to see how I can improve.

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