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retro neonskunk arcade shoot video retroskunk indiegameproject actors platformer indie voice jump needed skunk game classic videogame

Video Game [IndieGameProject] RetroSkunk voice actors needed
Big Grin 
It's a 2d Indie Platformer called "the Retro Skunk"
I've been working on this project for like 3 years.
It's mostly based on MegaMan and other video games
such as Mario and metroid.
I'm planning to put it on steam once I finish it.
It will have 4 playable characters such as 
Retro-Skunk Electro-Skunk 
Neon-Skunk and Drill-Skunk 
with multiplayer CO-OP!
teaming up to collect the cosmic shards and defeat the evil General Lard.
so for right now I'm looking for voice actors for some characters.
If some people don't like the voice acting, they can toggle it on or off.
so... lend me your voices!  Big Grin

If you want to contact me, 
here's my Discord number: TheRetroSkunk#7289  

or contact me by skype: jellyfishjosh


You can send the sound files to my skype or discord.

Deadline: 1 month

[Image: he_shoots.gif] 
This is "Retro-Skunk" he's the main character of the game.
so... he's pretty much already taken by TheBlueEyedFox

[Image: unknown.png]
This is "General Lard" the main Villain of the game. 
he doesn't have a voice actor, so you are free to see if you can make perfect voice for him.

(males are required to voice him.)

this is the voice I am looking for.
1 "That's right Retro-Skunk! I placed a tracking device hidden in your spark gun!" *said with self confidents*
2 "once I give the cosmic shards to all Video Game Villains, there will be no hero in the world to stop us MUAHAHAHAHA!" *said with self confidents* 
3 " Hold on a second, you HAD the cosmic shards and you lost them in the hands of team stink?! That is UNACCEPTABLE." *said with anger*

[Image: unknown.png]
This is "Electro-Skunk" He is Retro's Rival. 
                  He's pretty much jealous of Retro mostly being better than him at anything.
                  If you wish to become his voice actor, let me see what you got.
                  He has a voice kinda like a Krusty the clown from the simpsons, but sounds like a Kid If you know what I mean.

                  (males are mostly required to voice Electro. Females can try too...)

2 "What do you guys see in him? he's only an engineer who fixes stuff we brake. In my book that's a slave. *says like it's no big deal* 
3 "Retro you will never surpass me. Not even in a Million years. *said with self confidants*

[Image: FlareSkunk2.png][b]Closed: Cast to [/b]shbeblythegreat
This is "Flare-Skunk" he's a friend of Retro's back in the day he was an engineer.
He's been dreaming of becoming an actual Flare Ninja. later in the time, he finally became one.

(males are Required to voice him.) 

He has a ninja like voice that sounds like Ryu Hayabusa or Espio.

1 oh it's great to see you again Retro-San. It's been a long time. *said in cliche ninja like way*
2 How are you coming with the whole captain thing? *asked curiously*
3 Electro you say that as if you can beat me in hand to hand combat. I'm a ninja... *said in a slight bragging way*

[Image: unknown.png]
Glitch "Jack-Rabbit" I don't really have any info about him right now 
            but I know a voice I'm looking for. Skip to 4:21

(males are Required to voice him)


1 "there's nothing I can't glitch not even the power of Infinite!" *said with self confidants*
2 "Retro, Glitching takes a lot of energy. Only use it against things that are considered unbreakable or Limitless.
3 "With the power of glitching, there's nothing you can't do.

Neon-Skunk Closed: Cast to Aimee Smith
This is "Neon-Skunk" she's the trainer of a team called "Stink"
She was previously the leader but another skunk took her place.
so she was Demoted to become a Combat and physical Trainer for the other skunks. 

(females are Required to voice her.)

this is the voice I'm looking for.

1 “ServeBot, may you get Retro something to drink before we start with our training?” said as a casual request

2 “How many times am I supposed to tell you?! I’m not into short guys like you Electro!” she says in an annoyed way

3 “To tell you the truth, We use to have a leader of Team named Techno Skunk.” she says in an slightly in a cheerful way “But after a few years, That Creep Electro Took his place.” she says with slight disappointment

[Image: Drill_skunk2.png]
This is "Drill-Skunk" one of Retro's friends back when he was working as an engineer.
I'm looking for a bulma like voice for her. I feel it fits her character.

(A female is Required to voice her.)


1 Don't worry guys my Spark Drill Can drill through any metal! *said with self confidants*
2 Retro it's nice to see you again! how you've been? *said with slight excitement* 

[Image: Meta.png]
This is "META" nickname: "Metal-Skunk"

not much info about her. but i'm looking for an android 18 type of voice for her.

(females are Required to voice her.)

1 "Your Electricity cannot harm me Electro" *said in a bragging way*
2 "The more metal I absorb, The stronger I get.." *said with self confidants*

[Image: unknown.png]
This is "Heart-Skunk" she's very seductive towards her enemies.
It lowers their guard down once it happens, She can go for the kill.
I'm looking for a very seductive like voice for her. I sadly don't have any examples but
I'm sure you can think of a voice for her.
(females are Required to voice her.)

1 "you wouldn't fight a pretty lady such as me would you?" 
2 "You are now under my control. now go fetch me a drink sweetie, I'm quite thirsty." 

[Image: default_freezeSkunk_again.png]

Freeze-Skunk is one of Retro's Best friends in Team Stink.He's kinda shy but he's been secretly trying to get stronger than Electro without the team knowing becausehe doesn't want to be laughed at when they figure out his goals. sometimes talk to himself to keep his emotions straighten out,Especially when it's time to get serious.he has an IceMan Voice from "megaman Powerup".(Male or female can voice him)
voice I'm looking for is


1. "my name is Freeze-Skunk. Not Ice-Skunk learn to get that right please."

2. "hm?  looks like an Ice-Shard, maybe It can make my powers greater than Electro's if I use this!" 

3. "me a pervert?  nah, I'm just a very curious guy."

if anybody want to participate, post a comment.
Hey glad to see you posted...but 2021?! Sensible deadline please the whole idea of me enforcing those is to cut but on necroposting Smile
[Image: CoPQuxG.png]
Would you prefer to receive auditions through email, or on CCC?
(05-30-2017, 05:48 PM)ReeveCedric Wrote: Would you prefer to receive auditions through email, or on CCC?

you can Email me.
(05-29-2017, 11:22 PM)TheRetroSkunk Wrote:
Have sent a few auditions with a message of enquiry. Thanks!
(06-02-2017, 12:45 AM)AimeeSmithVA Wrote:
Have sent a few auditions with a message of enquiry. Thanks!

These sound very nice  Big Grin
Sent an e-mail Smile
Upcoming Roles:
[PC] Bunker Busters: Russians, Germans, French (2017)
[PC] Heart Fragment: Inigo (201x)
I'm interested in the roll "Heart-Skunk"! I have been told I sound seductive yet sweet. Yes I am a female.
I sent out an audition for you! Good luck with the project!

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