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what call your agents first clubs job was voice discussion casting acting job?

What was your first voice acting job?
What was your first voice acting role and where/how were you cast? What made you decide to start voice acting in the first place?

I've written about it before but I was messing around with recording for a while before I found the Voice Acting Resource Centre and auditioned for the role in the anime fan dub of Sailor Moon. I was eventually cast as Ami and Luna. I knew nothing about Sailor Moon at the time so it was a steep learning curve. Back then it was a popular show with a heavily edited dub...but also with a Japanese uncut laserdisc release and a soundtrack which included the anime SFX it must have been the most dubbed show there.

So where did you all get started and what was the first role you performed?
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I have yet to do VA as a job, so I guess I don't really count. But I did personal tapedeck audiidrama things when I was like 5-6, so I think that was around... 1992? 1993?

The first time I did VA for a third party... hmm... I can't really recall, but I'd say probably around 2002-2003 for a Starcraft project. I believe I did some VA for Metathrom and a few others around that period. I did VA for wc3 projects around 2004 and 2005 for sure, though none of them were ever finished (Heart of Storms/Dawn of Chaos amongst many others).

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