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sony video steam nintendo the games psn thread

The Video games thread
I just ended up buying a Nintendo Switch with Bomberman, I'm aiming to pick up Zelda tomorrow. I don't want to buy too much until Splatoon 2, but what else should I be playing?

On the Sony side, PS Plus just dropped tales from the Borderlands and Tearaway so I've got plenty to play whilst I stock up the switch. What is everyone else playing?

Also if anyone wants to friend my feel free to DM me for my account names.
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I've heard that the new Zelda game for the Switch is absolutely brilliant, so you'll probably want to grab yourself that.

Personally I'm a Windows/Linux gamer so I'm playing things like [/url]Warhammer: Eternal Crusade, [url=]Rocket League, and a bunch of other games.
Add me on steam if you fancy a game of something at all. I'm Taffy62
I will add you on Steam and I think I'll head into town and pick up Zelda later today.
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I think the only game more recent than Warcraft 3 that I've really "played" in quite a while is Dungeons & Dragons, though I did play Heroes of the Storm with some drunk bronies a while ago.
My steam is The_Love_Witch Smile
I especially love horror games.
Ooh the love witch, fan of the film?
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