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male scottish british voice reel demo

Voice Reel Demo
After considerable absence from the realms of the microphone, twas long overdue that I attempt to get back in the saddle. Especially considering trying to put that acting degree to good use in post uni life. *weeps*

Two voicereels contained within. First one has longer individual sections using a more natural voice. The second is me embracing the blind casting nature of the microphone and going a little bit nuts with different voices. I hope that you enjoy. Constructive criticism is welcomed for my ASCENDANCE. *coughs* I mean my evolution.

Ja Ne.
I somehow missed this, your recording quality in the first reel is really solid! The second reel has the wider range by far ( I assume #1 is commercial and #2 animation?) the second one also has a bunch of pops and plosives in some of the loader shouting section. I think 1 is usable as a main reel, but you should work on working some of your range from #2 into a reel as polished as #1
[Image: CoPQuxG.png]

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