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unpaid rpg thicker than water majorandminor 兄姉 game

Video Game 兄姉: Thicker Than Water
Title: 兄姉: Thicker Than Water 

Specs: RPG style game about the bonds that are and will be between siblings, schoolmates, and strangers. 

Koichi Nakagawa is a normal Underclassman of Lazuli (Lah-ze-lei) City. He likes swimming, sports, and doesn't enjoy forced government volunteer work eating into his summer. His parents, always busy with their laborious technician jobs, pile the chores on him. His annoying younger sister Hikaru, a Bubble Bun™  enthusiastic and champion shrieker of eleven years, is somehow the favorite of everyone who lays eyes on her.  

This summer is set to be terrible from the get-go. His best friend is on vacation on another planet, the community pool is closed for repairs, the baseball field is closed and his parents are demanding that he complete his volunteer hours before the family is fined for Indiscretion. And to make matters even worse, the witch woman's granddaughter, who came to Lazuli only last semester, hasn't done her hours either. So they'll do them together. He and that no-good liar of a next door neighbor, Matsumi Morioka. The same girl that thinks anyone would believe that that nuclear scrap of a planet Earth could ever have oceans, mountains, forests, and deserts all on one astronomical body. 

The day, already bad enough, spirals out of control as Hikaru runs away to a Bubble Bun™ marketing campaign, taking with her an old journal given to her by Matsumi's Granny. Chaos ensues as, with her plans throttled by being underage as well as being cornered by her brother, Hikaru writes a wish in the journal to become an adult... and it comes true! As with many of Granny's old heirlooms, the journal is magic and everything written within its pages becomes truth.

With the help of Matsumi, Koichi must chase his sister through the whimsical worlds she creates within the journal, and perhaps learn a few life lessons along the way in this tale of magic, technology, and the bond between a brother and his sister. 


Koichi Nakagawa (中川光一):

Age: 17
Voice: Tired, Cynical, Authoritative Big Brother, Grumbler

An Underclassman Citizen in the Domed City of Lazuli. Often has to watch his younger sister, who annoys him to the point that he wants nothing to do with her. Very cynical of the world around him; doesn't believe anything unless he sees it with his own eyes. Thinks he knows more than he really does about street smarts and the world. Has a passion for baseball and is surprisingly good at lateral thinking puzzles. He calls Granny a witch, but unlike Hikaru he's more hesitant to actually believe that anything he's seen so far is real magic, and not just his mind playing tricks on him. He's really a good person deep down, but he's at the stage in his life where he's trying to figure himself out and takes his insecurities out on the world. He internalizes the stress of society's pressure on him and it embitters him. 

Test Lines: 
"You listen to me because I'm your older brother. There is no other reason." 
"Again with those stories!? Just because I don't try in school doesn't mean I'm stupid
enough to fall for those tall tales." 
"Do you want me to be ashamed of my fear? Because... I am, okay? I'm scared, and it sucks."

Matsumi Morioka(森岡松美): 

Age: 17
Voice: Matter of Fact, Smooth, Orotund, Accented**

An Underclassman Citizen who was born on Earth, amidst the other remains of humanity jammed into the last livable corner of the planet and too destitute to afford even a slum apartment in a Domed City. Moved to live with her grandmother and aunt after her parents died. Thanks to living on the remains of the Earth, she's used to overcrowded tent settlements, no food, and choking atmosphere. Even the slums of Lazuli are a step up to what she was used to. She tells stories about the Earth either from her own experience, or what she's heard repeated from others. Few people in the "civilized" Domed Cities believe everything she says, though no one thinks her to be untrustworthy. She's calm, collected, and it takes a lot to rile her up. She hides any bad feelings and heartbreak for as long as she can, thanks to a lifetime of suppressing all her complaints for the good of the family. She makes comments towards her family's "magic" with a tongue-in-cheek humor, and it's never clear whether she's inherited magical powers, if there really are any to begin with. 

**Because she lived on a post-apocalyptic Earth, her accent is different from the standard English spoken by everyone in the Domed Cities. It's noticeable enough to let others know she's a little different. I leave it to the VA to decide what the accent is (get creative! [Image: wink.png] ) but remember that you'll have to keep it up for the entire game, so use your discretion!

Test Lines: 
"You know, Granny really is a witch, in more ways than one." 
"Why do you have to see things to believe them? I'd never seen a Domed City 
before moving to Lazuli,  but that didn't mean I thought they weren't real." 
"This forest... I always wanted to stand in a real forest. Even the park in the city is so
manufactured. It was never anything like I imagined." 

Hikaru Nakagawa(中川ひかる)

Age: 11 / 22
Voice: Child: Bright, Not Squeaky but Penetrating, Often Tremulous; Adult: Dynamic, Speaking from the chest, Rich 

**I would like for one VA to do both voices, but will consider two VAs if I can't find what I'm searching for.**

Koichi's little sister. Like most girls her age, she loves the Bubble Bun TV series and doll line to the point of absurdity. Very smart for her age, and adventurous. She's as headstrong as her brother, and they argue often even over the most trivial of things. A typical brother/sister relationship. She secretly longs to be close to him and begs for him to do things with her, which often leads to him pushing her further away. She wholeheartedly believes that their next-door neighbor is a witch and can do incredible feats of magic. 

The journal grants her wish to become an adult in the game, and as an adult she becomes more mature in her obstinacy, fighting less over trivial matters and even giving logical, adult arguments in exchange for the childish bickering of her younger self. She's very imaginative and creates large, detailed worlds based on the snippets of ancient Earthling life Matsumi tells her about as well as everything from the concept of snow to her mother's favorite soap opera. 

Test Lines: 

"But I haven't got this doll yet! It's the Bubble Bun spring line "Hanami"
with picnic accessories and matching pink flower headband!" 
"Granny said that this charm will bring rain if we put it in the window. So 
I'm going to make eight of them." 

"This world, and everything in it, is my creation. If I control them, why 
should I not be able to control you, too?" 
"Go ahead and admit what we all know! You never wanted me to be 
born in the first place! You always were selfish enough to want everything
for yourself, even mom and dad!" 

Minor Roles: 


Age: 63
Voice: Elderly, yet Hearty. Slightly mysterious. 

The Nakagawa's next door neighbor. Treats everything with a sort of pleasant disdain, cheerful in her dislike of the slums and open mockery of Koichi's and Matsumi's faults. Has a soft spot for Hikaru. She acts as if she's a witch, but it's hard to tell if she's being facetious or serious. 

Test Lines: 
"This charm will give you amazing courage! Or perhaps some indigestion. 
Either way, you're going to feel something." 
"Your problem is that you're too confident, sonny. No one needs a 
confident trash man." 


Age: ??
Voice: Smoky, Smooth, Snobbish

Matsumi's maternal aunt. Studying to be a doctor and raise the family out of the slums. Acts cold and sarcastic, but probably isn't that bad of a person. Calls you out for walking in front of the TV. Wears revealing clothes. O-Ho-Ho anime girl type. 

Test Lines: 
"You two stay here more than you do your own flat.
I said I'd be the guardian of one kid, not three." 
"Shouldn't you be at school or something? Don't you 
kids have to do volunteer work during the summer now?"


1. Gather your courage.
2. Do 1+ test lines. 
3. Save lines in .mp3 format. Label as YourName_Character_Line(Number). Each line should be separate, but multiple takes for the
line may be saved in the same .mp3. 
4. Send lines (and demo reel, if applicable) to Subject line should be "Thicker Than Water Audition: (Character Name)"
5. You may audition for more than one part, but be sure to list all parts you want to audition for in the email subject line. 
6. In the body of the email, tell me what name you'd like to go by, a little about your VA History (even if you're just starting out), 
and a little about yourself. 



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