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marvel man lego call open 4 casting still episode spider

Fan Project Lego MARVEL Spider Man Episode 4: CASTING CALL(STILL OPEN!!!!)
Hello all. I created a Lego Spiderman series, found here.

I took a year long break to focus on other things,but I am ready to bring it back from the dead. In this episode, our favourite web slinger goes up against the sinister six. This is a major project. I hope to release it on July 7, 2017, same day that Spider-Man: Homecoming comes out. However, quality is top prototy for this, so it could be release later. I'm looking for the best voices to capture these characters. Keep in mind, some of the characters will be one off types, while other characters are expected to recur, and appear in more episodes. 

Please send auditions in either wav or mp3 format to 

Here are the roles:
Norman Osborn(William Defoe type)
A powerful man you don't want to mess with (Multiple episodes)
Testline: You may have been born with the name Osborn, but you haven't earned it.

Vulture([b]Multiple episodes) Morlun[/b]
An old man with a suit that lets him fly.
Testline: The next person who comments on my age will have the life snuffed out of them.

[b]Morlun(Spider Verse episodes, 2)[/b]
A dangerous man from another earth who hunts spider-men.
(Voice sounds like Claney Brown's lex luther, found here:
Testline: It's not enough power. All the spiders must die.
MJ has been cast! Let's keep those auditions coming!
Might be sending in a tryout for Vulture Tongue
(06-14-2017, 01:37 AM)JTheKax Wrote: Might be sending in a tryout for Vulture Tongue

That would been great, thx. Kraven has been cast! Keep them coming!
audition sent.
Well I just sent auds for all the available male roles, hope you like them! Smile
Hey guys. Casting call is still open! Electro has been cast, but there is a new part, Morlun. He is the main villain for episode 5 and 6, and will cameo in this episode.

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