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Resume Allison Rose, Voice Actor [Female, American]
I've been voice acting as a serious hobby since around August 2016, but I've been lending my voice to projects by my family and friends for a lot longer than that.  To hear samples (e.g. voice acting demos, auditions, and past projects), I invite you to check out my portfolio website.

I'm happy to consider volunteering my time for small, fan-made and indie projects of the G/PG-rated variety.  Should I accept your invitation, all I ask for in these cases is credit.  If you're satisfied with my work and you can afford to, you can also leave me a tip!

Please contact me at alliethetalkinghamster [_at_] gmail [_dot_] com to discuss paid work opportunities. Asynchronous email communication is the most effective for me at this time. I am generally disinterested in joining Skype or Discord groups.

I'm going to be upfront about this: I want no involvement whatsoever with adult-oriented projects and I'm typically uncomfortable reading lines with religious, sexual, or profane content.  I also don't sing - the world is a better place the more people know that. Tongue

Character acting
Dubbing (comics and animated cartoons)
Impressions of celebrities and existing characters
  • Ruby Rose and Nora Valkyrie from the RWBY webseries
  • Harley Quinn (based on the style of Tara Strong)
  • Telephone IVR ("Press one for more options; para español, oprima dos....")
  • Trans-Atlantic/Mid-Atlantic
  • Boston-Brahmin (Massachusetts variant of the Trans/Mid-Atlantic)
  • Indian
  • British Received Pronunciation
  • New York (Jewish variant and also something akin to Bernie Sanders' accent)
  • Cartoony Vampire/Transylvanian (imagine the Count from Sesame Street - ah-ah-ah.)
  • Little old lady voice
  • Old-timey movie voices
To hear samples, please visit my portfolio website.


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