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s resume iskatumesk voice acting

Resume IskatuMesk's Voice Acting Resume
How much experience do you have?

Experience (as of 2015) -

Voice acting & sound engineering - 22+ years (both analog & digital)
2d game design - 17+ years
3d game design - 15+ years
Public Video Commentary - 8+ years
Private Developer Commentary - 5+ years

I have done both male and female vocals.

Where might you have heard me?

Anywhere in Starcraft, Warcraft, or Diablo customs. Various other projects, including Babylon 5 fan games, Let's Play's, and odds and ends across the internet. I go by several names, including Malkor. I have also released sound FX packs across the internet and done engineering work for many, many projects.

Will you do some voice acting for me?

Typically, no. I only might consider doing work for a project that is A.) already completed/demonstrably nearly completed, B.) completely non-profit (no donations, no scamstarter, no ad revenue) and C.) of a sufficiently high enough quality and subject to attract my genuine attention.

In short, if I'll do voice acting for you, you'll know because I'll offer it. Otherwise, I am retired, and don't consider requests or commission offers of any kind.

What have you voiced for before?

If you are unfamiliar with my work, then you may peruse my Soundcloud, upon which I occasionally vomit experimental dry runs between unrelated labor. I will not be making my production content public.

You may be familiar with my non-vocal work if you are familiar with projects such as Carbot's Starcrafts, Pirate's Dwarven Combat, The Antioch Chronicles, Black Sun: Retribution and various Warcraft 3 campaigns. If you are an avid follower of non-paid critical game commentary or early Starcraft 2 commentary you may also have heard my voice.
I Been into your Soundcloud, is pretty cool your voice!

Wich programe do you use for doing that devil voice??
All of my editing, besides the very odd compositing job, is done in Audition 1.5.

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