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sfx sound list music writing effects source resources aduacity useful scripting open the adobe free and screenwriting software

The Useful resources list - Free music, software and sound effects
I thought it'd be great to make a super master list of basic resources needed for voice acting, and content production. I'm emphasising free software and music but other tutorials, resources and links are included as well. Feel free to suggest stuff.

Music - Royalty Free music - Free music and loops
Josh Woodward - Free music
CC Mixer - Mix of paid and free music use the search for stuff that fits your budget and project
Freeplay Music -  Read the TOS but music is available free for non commercial projects
Freesountrack music

SFX to download
BXFR - Retro video game sound generator
Sounds Resource - Video game SFX rips
Find Sounds - SFX search Engine
Soundjay - Free SFX
Free Sound Effects Archive 
Tairo Komori's Free SFX
Kyutwo - anime SFX
Pond5 - has some public domain sounds

Articles about SFX
Creating SFX

Software - Audio

Audacity - free open source audio recording and editing ( Mac, PC, Windows)
Reaper ( $60 Non Comercial, $225 Comercial) 
Levellator - Free drag and drop application to level out all your audio
Ocenaudio - Free
Ardour - Free

Software - Video

Virtualdub - Basic Video editing, most useful for batch editing and compressing video
Lightworks ( £15 a month)
Adobe Premiere Elements about £85 unlike the creative cloud this cut down version of Adobe Premiere is a one time purchase, where you then pay for any upgrades. Keep an eye on Amazon who often sell it off bundled with photoshop elements.
Shotcut - Free, Multiplatform and open source.

Software - Writing

Celtx - Free screenwriting and collaboration tool
Scrivener - Around $20 often on sale especially after NanoWrimo. Writing software that allows you to plan out your work, include character bios can output in screenplay format.
Hints on Writing Radio Drama

Podcasts and Youtube

Voice Acting Mastery- Crispin Freeman's podcast
Podcast Stage - Equipment reviews
The Audio drama podcast
How to make your own Pop Filter
DIY Sound Booth in Under an Hour
VO Buzz Weekly

BBC Writer's room ( tips, contents and example scripts)
Writing Excuses - Four authors discuss writing.
Radio Drama Template for MS Word
Radio Drama 101

Free Texts and Scripts

Project Gutenberg -  Royalty free out of copyright books
Phillip K Dick public Domain stories

Pronunciations and accents 

The speech accent archive links to various recordings of different accent by region
Audio Eloquence  links to various pronunciation guides for specific topics 

Free Hosting for media - ( Video) Low traffic but seems like it's much easier to host fan projects there
Soundcloud - Free audio hosting, good discoverability lots of spambots 
Youtube - needs little introduction, obviously the main place for automated copyright strikes as well so keep that in mind if making fanworks
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