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to sound a in digitalbrute audacity like for how dalek or cyberman

How to sound like a Dalek or Cyberman in Audacity for DigitalBrute
[Image: dalek.png]
Ever wanted to sound like a Dalek or the Cybermen from Doctor Who, follow this short tutorial to find out how you can do it using Audacity.


  • Audacity

  • killeringer plug-in (Find out how to install plug-ins on to Audacity on our tutorial, which can be found here)

  • Microphone
Record your Dialogue!, Make a recording of what you'd like to be transformed into a Dalek or Cybermen voice. Do any cleaning up you think is necessary (e.g. noise removal). Now highlight your recording and go to Effect > Killeringer, you should now be shown a pop-up box with three options of Root-pitch, Speed and Amount.
Insert the following amounts (using either the slider or typing in on the text boxes):

  • Root-Pitch: 0.03

  • Speed: 0.01

  • Amount: 0.01

  • Root-Pitch: 0.033

  • Speed: 0

  • Amount: 0
[Note: these are only the basic amounts, you may need to adjust slightly according to your voice]
Press OK and go to Effect > Normalize to increase the sound of the audio; then play!
Congratulations, you now are a Dalek or Cyberman!!!
Be sure to take a look at our other tutorials found below:
[Image: CoPQuxG.png]

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