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to role audition your first voice for acting how

How to Audition for your first voice acting role
How to audition for online voice acting projects
If you're on this site then there's a chance that you want to get involved in amateur voice acting, or you might be looking for voice actors. This guide is for AVAs looking to audition, but might also be of use for those of you posting auditions so you can understand how the process works. Amateur voice acting roles are usually recorded in each actor's own home, they then send the files to the project creator ( often called a producer), who mixes everything together. Very rarely does any AVA part require travel or for the participants to meet.
If you haven't done so already make sure you have recording software such as Audacity.
Auditions should hopefully have the following things, a description of the project type; fan, dub machinima etc ( see our project type for more information if you're unsure), information about the character, some audition lines and a deadline for example. Here's an extract from an audition for my Neko Majin Z audio drama which I finished a while ago:
Neko Majin Z is a self parody manga by Akira Toiryama author of Dragon Ball/Z and Dr Slump. Neko Majin ran for 5 chapters in the Japanese version of the famous manga magazine shonen jump and is also available in book format. NMZ makes lots of fun of DBZ, with the main character Z the Neko Majin being not too far from Db’s hero Son Goku
This is the last episode so features a ton of characters from Dragon Ball Z, I’ve added in a few since the NMZ manga shows a few but they do not speak. Since the chronology is a little off in the manga too I’ve taken liberty with their ages. I am not worried if you sound like the dubs or not, I watched the Ocean dub when it was on but if you can do FUNimation cast impersonations feel free. This is a parody so as long as the characters are recognisable that’s fine.
[Image: goku.jpg]
Main character
Goku one of the most powerful warriors ever, he also has a very pure heart or else is very simple. We’ve reflected his country accent from the Japanese version, but I’m not stuck to this like glue. What I’ve most looking for is a voice that embodies adult Goku. ( Goku does do a little humming/singing in this episode nothing fancy just make sure you are comfortable with it ;D)
Line 1:
Well I was gonna ask, have ya been keeping up your training?
Line 2:
Gosh Dang it! I could of sworn it was around here!
Please name your files yourname_charactername_lineno.mp3
Zip them all up, along with a text file with your contact details to
Deadline is Sunday the 11th of October


First thing you need to do is check the deadline, if it hasn't passed you're all good to go. If it has and the producer hasn't come back and edited the post to say it's closed, then it's sometimes worth asking them if it's still open. Be careful it was posted last year for example, it's probably cast by now!

So this audition is for the part of Son Goku from DBZ, if it was a less well known character I'd have listed accent, voice pitch etc but I was relying on familiarity with the character anyway, I could always have linked a video if I wanted a specific voice. If you wanted to audition you'd record each of the three lines as individual mp3 files. Sometimes actors send more than one take, but unless the producer specified otherwise you can just send one. Don't go overboard with sending files, just send your best work that will hopefully land you the part.

Once you have recorded the auditions, and cleaned them up, make sure to label them something descriptive.
Yourname_charactername_line1.mp3 or in this case yourname_goku_1.mp3 would be the first audition line “Well I was gonna ask, have ya been keeping up your training?
You should then put them in a folder named something like
yourname_charactername or yourname_production name
Most producers let you audition for more than one part, so if doing that you should put all your auditions in the same folder unless they ask otherwise. I would do a number of takes and pick the best one to send, your first try isn't always your best.
Additionally you might also want to make a text file in something like wordpad, with your contact details eg.
Your AVA name
Messenger name
Website / profile
This helps producers if they extract all their auditions and forget to mark down where each one came from.
You then put the text file in the folder you made earler, and then zip it.


Sending the file
Unless the auditions .zip file ends up massive you should then e-mail it to the producer. The producer should have listed an e-mail address in their mail. If it ends up too big you can always upload the file to your webspace or use a file sending service.
Be sure to add a polite note along with your e-mail e.g
“ Dear Producer,
Please find my audition for Goku enclosed. My AVA resume can be found at [website]
Thanks very much for your time.


The Wait
The producer can't always get back to everyone so keep an eye on the audition thread for cast announcements. If you don't get it don't get angry, it may not be that you did anything badly but the producer may have felt someone else fit the role better. You can sometimes ask for feedback, but it depends on how busy the producer is. Only ask for feedback if you feel you can take critique.
If you get the part well done! Be sure to pay attention to recording deadlines the producer sets or they may have to recast and you'll loose the part. Just because you got the role doesn't mean it's time to slack off!
[Image: CoPQuxG.png]

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