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to make in music fl reggid studio how by

How to Make Music in FL Studio by Reggid
I've been saving some tutorials from the old site, here's one on Fruity Loops.

Reggid’s Music Production Guide How to Make Music Using FL Studio

I’ve been using FL studio ever since 2005 and it changed my life in
my music productions and they were ever since a lot better. When I
first started making music, I mainly used loops. I used ACID 3.0 when I
first started making music. I still use it today but mainly for
recording and for rendering. Nothing was original for me then, but
however I then also used MTV Music Generator. I used all three games
for making music. The third game mainly was loops, but however it
started getting original when I used the first 2 games (Music 2000
elsewhere). That was back then until a friend sent me FL. It had
changed my music for ever and my music quality got a lot better than it

Now I’m gonna give you guys a guide on how to make music in FL and maybe you will become a great producer like me.
First, we are going to go over some basics. We first are going to make a beat.
Here we are at the screen where the screen, now see the arrow
pointing to those grey and red boxes? Those are for the beats.
Basically click it and it will have a kick

Part I - Making a Beat
[Image: fl1-1.jpg]
Here we are at the screen where the screen, now see the arrow
pointing to those grey and red boxes? Those are for the beats.
Basically click it and it will have a kick

[Image: fl2.jpg]
See that was simple. Here is how it sounds.
Now let’s fill three more boxes.
[Image: fl3.jpg]
There, now we have four kicks. Here’s how it sounds
Now we have a full kick beat. Now let’s paste the beat in the playlist.
See where the red arrow is pointing in this picture? That’s the playlist.
[Image: fl4.jpg]
Now let’s paste in the beginning.
[Image: fl5-1.jpg]
Here we go, now we got a box in. If you want to make sure it’s in
place, change the “Snap” option to “Bar”. Here is how in these pictures

[Image: fl6.jpg] [Image: fl7.jpg]
Ok, now let’s paste more of that kick in the playlist.
[Image: fl8-1.jpg]
Ok, now here is how it would sound:
Now that we got that covered, how about we add more to it than just
that kick. It would help make the beat interesting. I also would advise
you to that you use a new pattern for a new beat sound just so you
wouldn’t have to be making version where its just a clap and hat.
Making them separate helps! Ok let’s go on to adding more. Now let’s
click on the next pattern.

[Image: fl9.jpg]
Ok, here we are. So, how about we add a clap? Now for a clap, we need to fill those two red boxes.
[Image: fl10.jpg]
There we go, now let’s add four more blocks of kicks and let’s put in four boxes of claps.
[Image: fl11.jpg]
Here we go, now we have more of the song. Here is how it would sound like.
Now let’s add a hat. Let’s go to pattern 3.
[Image: fl12.jpg]
To do an off beat hat, click on the third box in the hi-hat section.
[Image: fl13.jpg]
There we go. Now let’s add three more.
[Image: fl14.jpg]
Here is how it would sound

with the kick and clap

Ok now let’s add four more boxes of kicks and claps and now add hats into the playlist.
[Image: fl15.jpg]
Ok, now here is how the arrangement would sound like so far.
Now, before we go further I would like to go over one thing and that would be changing the sounds.
[Image: fl16.jpg]
Let’s change the kick sound. Right click on “Kick” As the arrow in the picture above points.
[Image: fl17.jpg]
Here in this picture above, it will bring up a menu. Now let’s click on load sample.
[Image: fl18.jpg]
It will bring up the browser where you can find files. Now, we need
to have a great quality kick, you don’t want to keep using FL kicks or
it will sound “fruity” after a while and generic. So samples “outside”
of FL would help greatly with projects. Now let’s choose the sample
“CoolBD_09.wav” shall we?

[Image: fl19.jpg]
See, now it has a new kick. Here’s how it would sound:
It’s self explanatory for the clap and hi-hat.
[Image: fl20.jpg]
I selected a great sound for each channel. Here are links for these two sounds:


Now here’s how the arrangement will sound with these new sounds.

Well that sounded better than the fruity style. That covers the beat part. Now lets move on to adding percussion.
[Image: CoPQuxG.png]
Part II
Adding Percussion

Now for dance tracks, adding percussion is important, you wouldn’t
want it to sound just plain or people will lose interest in the song.
You gotta keep the groove on so people can get down to the beat. Now
that we have are simple dance beat, let’s get on with adding percussion.

First, we ought to add a new channel; to do that; we need to go to “Channels” on the top left menu right next to “Edit”
[Image: fl21.jpg]
There we have a menu that opens. Now let’s click on “Add one”
[Image: fl22.jpg]
It opens sub menu of what channels to add. Now let’s click “Sampler”
[Image: fl23.jpg]
Now we have a new channel in the sequencer. Now let’s right click on the “Sampler” channel and let’s choose a shaker.
[Image: fl24.jpg]
Ok, now that we have chosen our shaker, let’s click on the boxes the
arrows in the picture are pointing at and the same thing on the next
eight boxes.

[Image: fl25.jpg]
Here is how it will sound.

With background beat:

Now that we clicked on those boxes, let’s add it in the playlist.
[Image: fl26.jpg]
Let’s place the shakers right in the beginning to help make it groovier.
[Image: fl27.jpg]
Then we drag it over to where the all the other blocks have ended. Here’s how it would sound now:
See, doesn’t that sound better than just a plain old beat? Now let’s
add more percussion and see what comes of it. Now let’s add a wood.

[Image: fl28.jpg]
Well, we added a wood, now I have red arrows pointing certain boxes, how about we click those.
[Image: fl29.jpg]
There we go, now we have another decent percussion to add to the beat. Here’s how it would sound:
[Image: fl30.jpg]
Ok, now let’s add it in the playlist. How about we put it to where
the claps begin as I have a red arrow pointing there in the picture

[Image: fl31.jpg]
There we go, now here’s how it would sound:
There we go, now we’re getting somewhere. How about a tambourine to help as well? This would help make a good dance track.
[Image: fl32.jpg]
There we go, I added a tambourine, let’s see how that would sound.
[Image: fl33.jpg]
Alright now, let’s add that to the arrangement.
[Image: fl34.jpg]
There we go, but now we’re gonna need to make it longer. So we’re
gonna need to copy the section I highlighted in red and we’re gonna
need to make a copy of it. To do that, you need to go to “Select” which
is to the left of zoom. Then we’re gonna drag from the bottom to the

[Image: fl35.jpg]
After we highlighted the section, we need to go to “Edit”.
[Image: fl36.jpg]
Then we need to go to “Copy” Now we need to move the scroll all the
way to the right so we can paste right after the highlighted section.

[Image: fl37.jpg] [Image: fl38.jpg]
Now, go to edit and “Paste” and it will paste perfectly. Now there
are shot cuts. For Copy, the command is Ctrl+C and for Paste, it is

Now we have extended the arrangement. Here is how it would sound like so far:
There are other kinds of samples for percussion you can add, but
make sure you get a good rhythm. This pretty much covers the percussion
parts. Now let’s move to making basslines and melodies.
[Image: CoPQuxG.png]
Part III
Making Basslines and Melodies

Now that we covered percussion, we’re going to make a bassline. First, let’s add eight more blocks of the arrangement.
[Image: fl39.jpg]
[Image: fl40.jpg]
Ok, there we go. That way we can have some room for the bassline to come in.
[Image: fl41.jpg]
Now, we need to go to “Channels” and to “Add one”. How about we get the “TS404 Basseline Synthesizer”
[Image: fl42.jpg]
Ok, now that we have a bassline synthesizer, let’s right-click on it and click on “Piano roll”
[Image: fl43.jpg]
This is the “Piano roll”, this is where you put the melodies in. You
can also put the beats in there too. Anyway, to pull off good melodies,
we need to go the “Snap” again and this time, we need to select “Step”

[Image: fl6.jpg] [Image: fl7.jpg]
[Image: fl45.jpg]
There we go. We can now make good melodies and basslines. Putting it
to step is vital for melodies. Now we need to make a good offbeat
bassline. I put arrows to where we should make the bassline. They are
two blocks each.

[Image: fl46-1.jpg] [Image: fl47-1.jpg]
See, now we have a good bassline. This is just a basic bass. Here’s how it would sound.
Now let’s paste it in the arrangement.
[Image: fl48.jpg]
There we go, now we have a bass in the song. Now doesn’t it sound good now?
Here’s how it would sound so far:

See, now we’re getting somewhere. This helps get the beat going. Now
we should add a nice melody synth. Now, we should add “Sytrus” for a

[Image: fl49.jpg]
[Image: fl50.jpg]
Here we go, now we’re gonna be able to make some good melodies using
good sound. Now, you can adjust the knobs to make your own sound or how
about using presets? They do help with some sound selections. To select
presets, click on the “plug icon” and it will give you a selection.
Then select “Presets”.

[Image: fl51.jpg]
It will give you a selection of preset synths for the Sytrus
plug-in. Now this has a big selection on preset synths. They also
include bass, pad organ, brass and other kinds of synth and pad
presets. Now how about we select the preset “Short synth – trance”

[Image: fl52.jpg] [Image: fl53.jpg]
Now, we’re going put in a simple melody. How about we put in a
simple melody C5, F5, D5 and G5? In the shot above, I have put in some
arrows of where to put the melody. Make sure it’s two blocks long. Here
is how this melody will sound:
[Image: fl54.jpg]
Now, we should put it in the arrangement. I put arrows to where we
should put this melody, how about we do it with 2 blocks apart.

[Image: fl55.jpg]
There we go, now we have a simple melody in the song. This is how it would sound:
Now, you can find plug-ins on the internet that are outside of FL.
There are free ones and ones you have to pay for. You can also buy them
in stores as well. There are sites that have info on how to install a
VST. Here is one site that tells you how to install one
Anyway, now of you want to use a plugin, we need to go “Channels” again and this time we need to go to “More…”
[Image: fl21.jpg]
[Image: fl56.jpg]
[Image: fl57.jpg]
Here we are, you can select other kinds of VSTs you added. You can
also highlight boxes to make it available in the “Add one…” selection.
Anyway let’s select z3ta.

[Image: fl58.jpg]
Here we go, now we have something outside of FL that would help make
the music sound alittle more professional than just generic. Now the
first preset in Z3ta is called “8-bar First contact” It’s an arp, but
how about we select a pad. so lets select “heaven pad”

[Image: fl59.jpg]
So we’re going to add a pad to help with the feeling of the song so let’s make a line 2 blocks before the 3 minute mark.
[Image: fl60.jpg]
[Image: fl61.jpg]
So now we have a nice pad to fit the song. Here is how it sounds
Alright, now let’s put it in the song, first how about we add more of the arrangement.
[Image: fl62.jpg]
[Image: fl63.jpg]
Then we should add the pad to the arrangement to where I have an arrow placed.
[Image: fl64.jpg]
Now we have something that would help get the flow of the song going here. Here’s how it sounds with the pad.
There we go, now we have a pad in the song. Melodies can composed
anyway you like. This concludes the melody part. Now I’m gonna move on
to the sound board to teach about FX.
[Image: CoPQuxG.png]

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