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a comic actors book trailer voice for looking

Looking for voice actors for a comic book trailer
I am looking for voice actors to narrate for a trailer for my comic "Sleepless Warrior"

The comic is about a village guard who sleeps on the job and wakes up to find his homeland in ruins thanks to three dastardly bandits.
He sets on a journey to destroy the bandits and the ambitious feudal lord who sent them to steal the mysterious crystal globe!

I am looking for several voice actors to narrate the following line as different characters as if they were speaking a testimonial:


I fell asleep into a nightmare.
One that I could not wake up from.
I was lost in the darkness.
But in that utter darkness.
The light found me.

the characters

[Image: sleeplesswarrior.jpg]

Very dignified and honorable. But also prone to rage. Very passionate.

[Image: oldfarmer.jpg]

Cunning and callous. He a very skilled martial artist though
he does his best to stay out of trouble. However when
trouble finds him he does not hold back. 

[Image: ichiro-kawasaki.jpg]

One of the three bandits who laid waste to the protagonist's village.
A quiet but dominating figure who with few words can lead men into battle.

[Image: ryoko-suzuki.jpg]

Cold hearted and cautious. He values money above human life.
With so much blood on his hands, can he ever be redeemed?

[Image: masashi-yamaha.jpg]

A psychopath with a dark devilish secret.
Has a twisted sense of humor and a tragic past.

the due date for signing up is Thursday May 18 12:00 pm

That just means saying hey that you are interested in the role.

the due date for the lines is June 1st 12:00 am 

e-mail me at if you are interested
Thank you to those who submitted their auditions.

I am still looking for voices for

The Protagonist
The Old Farmer
Masashi Yamaha
If the role is still open for Masashi, I emailed in an audition.
Thank you to all those who have auditioned for the trailer.
The trailer is complete. However I plan on doing a motion
comic series of Sleepless Warrior with voice acting.
I will be making a new thread for the motion comic auditions soon.

Thanks again. To be honest I really wasn't expecting anyone to be interested at all.
It was awesome getting all these auditions for characters I made up.

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