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prince rescuer closed vera 18 barbarian language the pixelated casting for foul

Video Game Vera the Barbarian: Pixelated Prince Rescuer (Closed For Casting)
****NOTE: The project is 18+ not because it has nudity or sex (which it doesn't), but because it features crass humor and foul language (fart jokes, bad words, and excessive use of the word broad by the main character). We don't want to work with anyone who is not legally an adult.

About "Vera the Barbarian: Pixelated Prince Rescuer"

Vera the Barbarian is a pixel art side scrolling platformer about Vera, a loudmouthed and overzealous gal who likes three things: drinking, eating, and fighting. Vera's sister Stella is about as socially impaired as she is in the opposite way--she's withdrawn and gloomy--and has a different set of three things she likes: magic, pretty boys, and hoarding things. Stella has stolen all but one of the thirty princes in the land and taken them to Mount Dreadful, her fort built in the middle of a volcano. The royal families of the land have promised Vera a hefty reward if she can get the princes back from her sister...and while it cuts into her free time, Vera can't help but think how much ale and chicken she could buy with all that money.

Recording Instructions/Deadline
*Record all lines for a character in one mp3 file; if you audition for more than one character, a file for each character.
*Format your files as "Name_Character.mp3". Example: Jumpin Jacks_Vera.mp3
*If you submit auditions for more than one character, DON'T put them in a ZIP or RAR file or you'll get an email saying to try again.
*Have your email subject line say: Name-Vera Audition. Example: Jumpin Jacks-Vera Audition. This is regardless of what character you're emailing for.
*Send your character demos if you want! We have characters other than these ones to fill in later down the road, these are just the ones we're worried about right now!
***Email your audition to paraorbisstudio (at) gmail (dot) com by July 31stJune 30th JUNE 12TH, 2017!

Please note that if you are not cast, you will not be contacted saying that you were not cast, and the cast list will not be listed publicly. If you ARE cast, you will be required to sign an NDA and not allowed to say you're involved in the project until we give you the thumbs up. 

The proposed pay for these is listed in each character's descriptions; you'll mostly be saying short phrases like "Yeah!" and "Help!" and action sounds, with the exception of Vera, who will be narrating a trailer. Payment will be AFTER lines are delivered; we plan on trying to secure funding later on to make this a bigger project than it is right now, and if that's successful, we will be back with more lines and more money. Many of the lines for auditions here are not lines that will actually be spoken, they're just to give a better feel for the character.



Name: Vera
Age: 25
Personality: Obnoxious, violent, rambunctious
Voice: Tomboyish, medium-low to low pitched
Bio: Vera has no interest in anything that doesn't involve copious amounts of alcohol, food, or violence. She isn't well-liked as a person, but as a fighter, she's considered one of the best in the land. She's a fearless gal who lives a vagabond lifestyle in search of bars and monsters. In spite of her violent ways, she also has a code of honor she upholds: no fighting children, no fighting those who can't fight back, and no fighting puppies.
Pay: $250; approximately 1000 words 
Audition Lines:
1.) (amazed at first, then amused) "A castle in a volcano? HA! Classic Stella!"
2.) (pouting to herself) "I don't get why I can't just punch the magic out of the way."
3.) "Friends call me Vera. You can call me Vera too; it's kinda my name."
4.) (like someone finding a spider on them) "Is that EW! Get it offa me!"
5.) "Some people say I came outta the womb with this sword in my hand, but that's just a rumor. I actually found the sword a few minutes later, and we've been best friends ever since."
6.) (attack grunts, five variations; "hya", "hup", "hngh", etc.)

Name: Stella
Age: 25
Personality: Quiet, awkward, needy
Voice: Quiet, medium-high to high pitched (a good reference would actually be a slightly higher pitched Raven from Teen Titans)
Bio: Stella is Vera's twin sister; the two of them actually get along pretty well in spite of their differences, but Stella was always a little more unhinged. She has a hard time grasping the phrase "socially acceptable", and while she looks very lady-like, beneath her reserved exterior is a girl who wants to keep everything she likes for herself. She's kidnapped the princes in the land for a collection of sorts, and hopes to marry them someday, but doesn't understand why in spite of taking care of their basic needs and keeping them imprisoned, they won't love her... Her fashion sense is "medieval goth".
Pay: $50, approximately 50 words
Audition Lines: 
1.) "My magic won't let me down against your stupid sword, Vera..."
2.) (muttering to herself at first, quickly turns into shouting as she gets more upset) "I don't get it...I feed them, I water them, I give them a pillow for their cages...but why won't these princes love me?!"
3.) "People always ask me 'Doesn't your volcano castle get hot?', and you know what? Uh, no, it doesn't. Why? MAGIC. Duh."
4.) (evil laughter, then she chokes on a bug that flew into her mouth and starts coughing)
5.) (menacing) "Let's see how well you do against my zombie horde..."

Name: Ragladin, AKA Raggy
Age: ???, appears 18
Personality: Mischevious, chipper, bubbly
Voice: Cutesy, high pitched
Bio: An elf princess who prides herself on her appearance and her talent in druidic magic. She's actually the elf QUEEN, but likes to be referred to as a princess because it's more hip. Raggy is very used to getting her way, and doesn't worry about social intricacies, for better or worse. She also has a tendency to play practical jokes on people or trick people into saying dumb things (like the old ICUP trick). Tends to stretch her words in a sing-song fashion.
Pay: $50, approximately 50 words
Audition Lines:
1.) "Oh, that's right! Have you seen this man? I don't know how to pronounce his name, but it's spelled I...M...A...D...U--" (Vera slaps a hand over her mouth to stop her)
2.) "Careful now! You wouldn't want to hurt royalty, would you?"
3.) "Weeeeell, let's not worry about how old I am for right now. Just know that I'm young and hip and ready to be worshipped!"
4.) "Oh, please. They'll be fiiiiine without me. I have a tree clone taking care of things for me, and all I do most of the time is smile and wave."
5.) (giggles) "Pffft, haha...books? What a neeeerd."


(We have a few characters that could be played by either or.)

Name: Danillianus, AKA Dani
Age: 22
Personality: Cheerful, optimistic, always ready to help
Voice: High pitched, cutesy
Bio: Danillianus is a pixie who has been assisting Vera for years; he's actually in love with her and praises her constantly, but she thinks that's just how all pixies are since they're so small, assuming they need to grovel for protection. He acts as her guide, her inventory manager, and her messenger, as he is gifted with the ability to make things bigger and smaller, teleport, and just has innate knowledge of where things are and how many things work. Vera was under the impression that Dani was a woman because he had long hair that covered up all of his face and body.
Pay: $75, approximately 100 words
Audition Lines:
1.) "Great thinking, Vera! You're so smart! And strong! And also beautiful!"
2.) "Oh no, watch out for those brutes! Don't let them scar your lovely complexion, Vera!"
3.) "Wow, look at all those zombies! They look so...generic."
4.) "You mean...after all these years of never realized I was a man...? Did you just think all pixies were women?!"
5.) "I think I need a haircut..."

Name: Generic Zombies
Age: who knows
Personality: Dead
Voice: Really Dead
Bio: Just a generic zombie...we got boy ones, we got girl ones, we got ones we're not so sure about.
Pay: $25, approximately 5 words
Audition Lines:
1.) (general groaning) "Arggggghhhhhh...."
2.) (attacking) "BraghhHhhhh!"
3.) (falling over dead...again) "Graahhhhh....."

Name: Generic Brutes
Age: 20s-40s
Personality: Violent, obnoxious, pretty stupid
Voice: Loud, medium-low to low pitched
Bio: Ruffians...thugs...brutes.
Pay: $30, approximately 15 words
Audition Lines:
1.) "You punk...! I'm not gonna stand for this!"
2.) (attacking) "GRAHHHH!"
3.) "You made me spill my beer! Get ready for a beating...!"
4.) (dying) "Arghhh..."
5.) (attack grunts, five variations; "hya", "hup", "hngh", etc.)


Name: Aubrey
Age: 20
Personality: "Whiny" (not really; Vera just calls him whiny because he's constantly pointing out danger), intelligent, witty, a little paranoid
Voice: generic young male
Bio: The only prince who managed to get away from Stella once, but was almost captured again after escaping. Vera's intervention after she was hired to save the princes prevented his second capture. He joins her on her adventure to rescue his best friend, a prince from a neighboring kingdom, from Stella's collection. He's very resourceful and tends to be the voice of reason in the group.
Pay: $50, approximately 50 words
Audition Lines:
1.) (relieved, a little out of breath) "Oh jeez...thank you so much. I would've been a goner without you."
2.) "She's crazy! She has them all locked up in these weird cages and she keeps reading these awful romance novels out loud to them..."
3.) "Please tell me I'm not the only one who sees the giant lava monster."
4.) "Watch out for those salamanders!"
5.) "Well, I'm sure that we can do something with all this rope lying around."

Name: Laythan
Age: ???, 45
Personality: Extra macho
Voice: Manly, low to deep pitched
Bio: The king of the merfolk, he prides himself in his appearance and strength. He enjoys dueling, but not violence. He happens to be a talented saxaphone player. Ultra buff, ultra friendly.
Pay: $30, approximately 15 words
Audition Lines:
1.) "HAHAHAHA! No one can defeat me, THE MERMAID KING!"
2.) "Well played, young lady! It's been a long time since I was bested in hand-to-hand combat!"
3.) (attack grunts, five variations; "hya", "hup", "hngh", etc.)
4.) "This calls for...a little merman jazz."

Name: Generic Princes
Age: 18-28
Personality: In distress and princely
Voice: generic young males; maybe have them sound a little snooty?
Bio: Princes
Pay: $25, approximately 10 words
Audition Lines:
1.) "MAKE HER STOP! I can't handle the smut!"
2.) "Help!"
3.) "Save me!"
4.) "Somebody, please! RESCUE ME!"
Is Dani one of the characters who could be male or female, or is male preferred?
You needa sleep. -Anita Sleap
(05-14-2017, 06:04 AM)AnitaSleap Wrote: Is Dani one of the characters who could be male or female, or is male preferred?

Yes, Dani is one of the characters who could be played by either a male or female. Female would probably work better, but we are open to hearing different interpretations.
Is the Character Aubrey or Audrey?? I am just making sure before I send in my audition
(05-15-2017, 10:03 PM)Michaeltheevoman Wrote: Is the Character Aubrey or Audrey?? I am just making sure before I send in my audition


Thanks for all the auditions, we've gotten a lot of great guys and gals for every character so far! As thanks we've hyperlinked images of the three ladies today, and will start doing the same for other characters soon as well! (Tried inserting them into the post but it wasn't having it.) We honestly were not expecting to get as many auditions as we have been getting so soon, so depending on how things go in the next week, we may bring the deadline in a little closer (June 30th instead of July 31st). Thanks again!
Deadline has been shortened due to the number of great auditions we have received so far! Thank you!
Allllll righty guys, I have both good news and possibly bad news! The good news is--over three hundred people have auditioned! Wow! We were definitely not expecting that, haha. The possibly bad news is...since auditions so far have exceeded our expectations so greatly, we're going to bring the deadline closer in. The new deadline is: June 12th! Two more weeks guys, thanks for all your interest and support so far!
Just sent my auditions for Aubrey and Generic Brute! I hope you enjoy them! :>
E-mail sent Smile
Upcoming Roles:
[PC] Bunker Busters: Russians, Germans, French (2017)
[PC] Heart Fragment: Inigo (201x)
Auditions are now closed and we are beginning the casting process! Thank you all so much!

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