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a early history short vaa of the

A short history of the early VAA
RIP My life
[Image: CoPQuxG.png]
Man, I spent too much time on the VAA. ...mostly on failed projects that never reach full completion for various reasons, though mostly have to do with people disappearing. Though, it's crazy to think some of the people I worked with are now working professionally. SuiOtoko16, Motly Fool, Cettoto (in live action stuff), Actorman, TPR, Bloodredoath and now earthtrap. It's crazy. (...though, I find it ironic that they're the only ones that actually finished their lines)

I never could land too many roles back then. The ones where I do get cast are too out of my range. To this day, I have no idea why people like my deep range too much. It's so limited and cartoony. But, it was something. Maybe when I get a better mic I'll start auditioning more again haha

Though since 2014, I've been taking my interest on voice acting a bit more seriously and I've gotten a lot of valuable experience since then from classes. Some people I've befriended people that I still talk to to this very day like SS-chan, hyperxknees, lionfayt, ChaseroftheDawn, Aussieroth, OmegaOptimusSupreme, AderuMoro, and many more. Been doing more smaller scale projects too. So I owe it to the VAA for that. Hopefully my time here will be a positive one.
Wow even more people who've done well I didn't know about! Good to have you here Ryusuke, any VA forum is nothing without the community so please send people over here.

If anyone has any suggestions for this site please feel free to DM me Smile
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