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to depth in an post audition creators content guide for how

How to post an audition an in depth guide for content creators
How to post an audition ( and what to look for if you're auditioning)

I've made snarky gifs about this before, but I wanted to talk a bit more in depth about auditions. We have some fairly strict rules on here and I wanted to go a little into why, and also what makes a good audition post.

Why can't I just post “ I need voice actors?” ?

The fact you're on a voice acting forum, in the auditions section kind of hints at this already. What we want to know is what you're looking for and what you need from the actor.

Project Description

A lot of us voice act for different reasons, for a hobby or to build a voice over career. So we're often looking for different things. A project description will let people know what the project actually is, and if it's the kind of production the actor wants to be in. We also have different amounts of free time, when I see a post I want to know how much work it will be. Actors also have different ranges and suit different project moods so again this is a great place to convey your aims.

Is this project commercial or fan?

There's now a vibrant industry especially with indie game developers of non union freelance online voice acting work, so there are a lot more paid projects than there used to be. There is also a wide ranging fan project community made possibly by the expansion of youtube, twitter and tumblr.

Voice acting is a co-operative hobby actors will often need content creators to lead projects, and content creators need voice actors. This can lead to an awesome mutual creation process where no one makes any money and instead they work together to create fan projects.

There are also creators who want to make a profit, and will happily take advantage. If you're making a project, intend to make money and don't want to pay your actors; you probably can't afford voice actors. At the very minimum you should disclose if your project is commercial and if there's pay involved. If you're making a commercial project and are paying your actors, you are awesome and I hope your project makes you a bagillion pounds.

Regardless of how you proceed, disclose this! Honestly is the best policy.

Character Descriptions & Screenshots

Artwork conveys a great deal, and in cases where there are firm tropes can easily let the voice actor get a feel for the character. If the project is for example based on original artwork such as an animation or a heavily modded machinima it helps the actor get a feel for your project. Including screenshots or artwork also shows your project is ready for voicing.

Describing the voice, accent and type you also want is important. There is no such thing as no accent, make sure you aren't showing bias for your particular region and remember this forum is worldwide.

Audition Lines
We require audition lines here, if you don't have lines ready your project isn't ready for voicing it's as simple as that. As an actor it's also an excellent indication of your writing ability. Quality projects attract quality talent.

If you're recruiting for a project that has a following or potential plot twists you don't want made public, then it's fine to make some lines up. Audition lines gauge an actor's ability and fit for the project. I'd say between two and four is an ideal amount, though you could have more or less depending on the role. Ideally the lines should test the extremes of the role and the quality of the actor's recording ( make sure the actor can yell, cry sound happy if needed).

Include some direction and context in the post.

Sometimes for shorts I'll post a chunk of script, since the actor may not have many more lines than the audition. I urge caution as sometimes this encourages people to just record it all!


As an admin this is something I get the most pushback about. How many projects have you been involved in that died? It's sometimes unavoidable but deadlines and proper management help. People also have work, school, family or housemates to work around. Giving a deadline allows people to schedule time to send you a proper performance. Unless you're looking for a one line character I really advise casting after the deadline, sit down and really listen to everything submitted.

Do it right the first time, especially if you're not paying casting an actor then recasting because you change your mind is pretty awful. The fan /indie side of voice over only works with mutual respect.

Tech requirements

If you're a game modder, and looking for voice actors for example you may need files in certain formats. Whilst most people can easily change format I'd specify that format in the audition. Make any special requirements known ahead of time. You may also want to ask for a demo reel link or resume/VA Space profile. Sometimes actors make a choice when auditioning that doesn't quite fit, only for you to listen to their reel and realise they can easily make the changes you need.

If you're an actor reading this, I recommend you use this post as a guide. If a producer can't be bothered to write a proper audition post, then they'll be less likely to finish their project or if they do it'll probably have less care given to it.
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