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an what newbies guide is ava?

Newbies guide: What is an AVA?
A.V.A stands for amateur or sometimes for those seeking a professional voice acting career Aspiring Voice Actor. It doesn't matter if you've thought about becoming an actor before, everyone gets better with practice, and by using voice acting forums like this one you're already on your way. Voice acting is more than just doing cartoon voices, becoming a voice actor is about using your voice to portray a character. Whilst of course sites like this have a strong anime or cartoon emphasis there's a wide range of parts available.
I've been amateur voice acting now for about ten years. I record at home via my pc, then send the files off to various creators across the world. Sometimes I also make my own productions, in which case I'm the one asking for files. A lot has changed in that time, sites like Youtube make it easier than ever to share files. For the net navvy, listening to Podcasts or watching web T.V shows is part of normal everyday life.
Many of these projects need people to lend their voice, you record your part separately ( often line by line), then e-mail or upload your files to a producer who then mixes them together. This means you can take part in various projects without leaving your own home, or meeting anyone else on the project.
For me Voice Acting is a really exciting collaborative process, and whilst amateur radio existed before the web the internet has really allowed the hobby to take off. Most projects release for free, don't pay and are made for the love of it. If you want to become a voice actor or actress, don't run away amateur work can help you get experience. But really at it's core voice over online is about having fun.
What do I need to get started?
You'll need a computer, editing software and the net. It's as simple as that. We have guides on using software like Audacity or choosing a microphone as part of our AVA guide so take a look.
I think you also need a lot of confidence as well, to become a really good voice actor. Most people fail when first starting out, precisely because they lack confidence and give up.

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