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Machinima DEAD ROUTE / Wrong Turn | Sims 2 [1 Male 1 Female] 18+
I need voices for my upcoming Sims 2 slasher movie, Dead Route. 

Dead Route is going to be about me/Joe Winko (already voiced by me) going into the Darien Gap to explore the mysteries of the Darien Gap. When he gets there, he discovers pure evil! Three inbred homicidal cannibals live in the Darien Gap (they’re based off the Cannibals from the Wrong Turn movies) and they plan on adding him to their menu! Will Joe Winko escape? What will be left of him?

Please send your audition to
The Deadline is March 25th so audition soon please.

Also, this movie is going to contain lots of graphic violence and quite a graphic sex scene as well, so please be over 18. Just a heads up Smile

[Image: Dead%20Route%20Official%20Poster.png]

The characters swear too and some of them shout also.
This movie also has a sex scene between two males in it too. Just letting everyone know…

[Image: Pat.png]

Pat Newbie (45 Lines)
Age: 23
Bio: Pat Newbie is a happy and bubbly girl who decides to go with Joe Winko through the Darien Gap so she can become famous on YouTube. Will she survive the true terror that lurks there though? 
Voice Type: Happy and bubbly girly voice.
NOTE: This character swears and shouts 
AUDITION LINE 1: “Oh my god! I’m finally famous! Yay!”
AUDITION LINE 2: “I can not believe I’m actually meeting a famous YouTuber! Oh my god Joe Winko! I watched all one hundred and seventy five episodes of Joe Winko Talk! I loved all of them!” 
AUDITION LINE 3 (FREAKING OUT): “I’d rather fall then burn to death!” 

[Image: Daryl.png]

Daryl (45 Lines)
Age: 50
Bio: Daryl Dixon is man who decides to go with Joe Winko through the Darien Gap. However, his intentions are quite different from Pat Newbie’s. Daryl is actually found of Joe Winko and has interesting plans for him. However, will Daryl survive the plans that the three inbred cannibals have for him?
Voice Type: Rugged Masculine Southern Accent Voice (like the real Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead: 

NOTE: This character swears and shouts, and also has a sex scene with Joe Winko.
AUDITION LINE 1: “I just wanted to ask you, why did that annoying chick in the pigtails have to come with us? I thought it was just going to be you and me.” 
AUDITION LINE 2 (QUIET VOICE): “We’re gonna knock this mother fucker out of the tree.”

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