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what you recommend? and training do acting vo

What VO and acting training do you recommend?
How many of you have taken acting, improv and voice over lessons? We get asked for advice picking training both online and in person and would love to hear from those of you who can recommend teaches and classes.

Gravy for the brain

The Art of voice acting

Would love to hear some more recommendations. Note if you offer lessons yourself it's fine to link them but disclose your involvement.

What if I'm still in school and can't afford lessons?

If you're in school or university take advantage. Many educational facilities offer drama or improv clubs, as well as singing training. Many   universities also have broadcast clubs. Also look around for youth clubs in your area which may also offer drama clubs or groups. Adults may also want to check for any local drama groups.

There are no VO lessons near me

We'd also suggest you look online, though if you want to go pro we advise you to seek out a local studio as well so you can get studio practice. That said if VO is a hobby ( and that's fine) you can learn at home and online too.
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