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librarian the challenge 1

Challenge 1 - The Librarian
Woo lets get this thing off the road. The idea of this challenge is to create something on the theme of " The Librarian", the project can be any media you like, mp3, video, animation, long as it contains an audio element as this is a voice acting site. You're more than welcome to cast other actors, or you can voice the project yourself. Fan works are OK, though I'd encourage you to create something yourself. 

Once the project is complete post a link here, at the end entrants will be encouraged to listen to the other projects and give constructive feedback to each other. I'll also do my best to promote everyone's entries via our Social Media and Discord.

I'd encourage everyone to keep the clips short, the idea of this project is to provide some inspiration and en excuse to polish and promote your skills. If you need help or advice, ask here!

Deadline is Sunday 9th April.
In terms of the theme "The Librarian" Can you give a bit more clarification as to what that is?
The theme's been left a little bit vague to give people scope to create what they want. We're not going to disqualify anything so as long as it fits the theme somewhat it's fine. So think of topics centred around storing information and the people who store that info. Actually your question is a good starting point ! Who is the librarian? tell us.

Some ideas & Inspiration:

The Term librarian on Wikipedia and an interesting rundown of libraries through the ages.
Silence in the library - Dr Who
Ghostbusters Library scene
Destruction of the library of Alexandria
Gene banks

10 Ways to brainstorm ideas
Writing Excuses where do you get your ideas?
Random plot generator
Some of the dialogue from an NPC in a private project of mine. He is an Alchemist of sorts, trapped in a library with the PC for a time. It begins a quest chain for Horus' Lavarinth, which eventually amounts to encountering the Lavarinth character himself (based on the CC admin).

There is background audio from a heater and I didn't bother to clean up the audio really. So there's a few mangled pops and other nonsense.

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