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to form fan arrow flash series for looking team

Fan Project Looking to form team for Arrow/Flash fan series
I'm working on two audio series - alternate versions of Flash and Arrow. I've already recruited some writers, but we'd like more people to join our creative team if possible. As well as that, we're looking for script editors to review scripts and make sure that overall characterisation remains consistent, casting directors to help find voice actors and sound editors to help produce the finished piece.

All work would be voluntary and unpaid, but we would allow you to promote your work within the project (i.e. links to social media accounts and whatnot) and of course your time would be hugely appreciated too [Image: smiley.png]

If you have any questions feel free to ask, will try to answer ASAP

And of course, if you think this is a project you'd like to voice in or feel you have any other talents that might help feel free to let me know

If you want me to be a casting director. I am open to do so. Even though I am a voice actor.

My social media
On Instagram: I am @ElricAtchBadass
On Twitter: I am @ElricsVoice
On Facebook: @ElricTimothyAtchison
On YouTube: @Elric 'EvilFlash' Atchison

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