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audio story

Fan Project audio story
I am currently writing an online story through a facebook crowd called silent hill paradise group.I want to find someone who can take each chapter that I write up,and make it in to an audio thing.Where the person can both read what is written but also add in appropriate sounds to go along with it.
note,this isn't paid work since it is only a small project.I do write proper stories which are for sale,but this story is strictly for the FB group.Some people want it to be voice and sound edited which i don't know how to do

I'm sorry if it's not paid work but as I said,it's a small project while I'm having down time from just finish publishing my latest book.If you have any queries or know anyone,please contact me.It's not of life or death so whether or not someone wants to do this is okay
I can't really mix something for you rn, but we can prob help explain how to make an audio play. Do you have Audacity or Adobe premiere?
This sounds interesting.

I'd like to try and help you out. I'll post a link to my soundcloud page with some voice reels below, but do you mind if I ask for some of the script to record and send you a demo of how it'd sound?

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