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to unpaid in covering participate songs singers hamilton for looking

Fan Project [Unpaid] Looking for singers to participate in covering Hamilton songs
Hello everyone! I am currently looking for people that would be interested in doing covers of songs from the Hamilton soundtrack.

If you are interested please take the following into consideration.

1. Be respectful of everyone.the entire soundtrack will be covered and that character roles will be assigned to people. 

Also note that if you are not chosen for a specific character you will be considered for the ensamble.

2.Have a decent quality mic.

3. Make sure that you'll be able to use Discord and Dropbox because that's what we're gonna be using to stay organized.

4. Just have fun with it, this is meant to be something enjoyable. 

If you have any questions about anything at all, please let me know. 

Audition characters/songs

Character: Aaron Burr
Gender: Male
Audition piece: Sing the first part of "Your Obedient Servant"

Character: Alexander Hamilton
Gender:  Male
Audition piece: Sing "My Shot" (whole song is not required)

Character:John Laurens
Gender: Male
Audition piece:Sing Laurens' part in "Aaron Burr, sir"

Character: King George III
Gender: Male
Audition piece: Sing "You'll be Back"(whole song not required)

Character: Hercules Mulligan
Gender: Male
Audition piece: Sing his part in "Aaron Burr, sir"

Character:Marquis De Lafayette
Gender: Male
(Try your best to keep the French accent while singing)
Audition piece: Sing the rap in "Guns and Ships"

Character:George Washington
Gender: Male
Audition piece: Sing part of "One Last Time"

Character: Eliza Schuyler
Gender: Female
Audition piece: Sing part of "Helpless"

Character: Angelica Schuyler
Gender: Female
Audition piece:Sing part of "Satisfied"

Character: Peggy Schuyler
Gender: Female
Audition piece:Sing part of "Schuyler Sisters"

Character: Samuel Seabury
Gender: Male
Audition piece: Sing part of "Farmer Refuted"

Company/chorus/other characters

Note that any roles that were not posted will be chosen from chorus auditions
Audition piece: Sing whichever song you want from the show

Note: If there is a character that isn't listed that you want to audition for just audition under the Company/Chorus and let me know about characters in the email.
 Again if you have and questions feel free to ask
The deadline is February 21st at midnight.
Send in your auditions in either mp3 or wav format to
Good luck everyone and have fun!
Say if you choose Phillip, can you be just kid Phillip or do you have to be Phillip for the whole show?
Fuck. I'd totally audition if I could do the french accent for Laf.
Edit: Didn't realise it was from January LOL >->

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