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actors voice needed

Fan Project Voice Actors needed!
Hello there!

I am Keiberus and am looking for available  voice actors for a spot on my abridging project.
I am currently working on the second episode but there are spots that need to be filled
because the episodes with the characters listed below are pretty close and I need the roles
to be filled! You can also meet the whole family!

*fairly close to his original voice.
( line one ) When I said to get me a monkey suit, I meant a fucking tuxedo!
( line two ) Ah, piss bucket, I'm going to miss my soap.
( line three ) Betray me and I'll kill you.

*fairly close to his original voice.
( line one ) InuYasha, are you jealous I'm the hotter brother?
( line two ) Jaken, it's time for my sponge bath. ( in a sing songy kind of way )
( line three ) NEVER touch the fur, bitch.

*It doesn't have to be close to his original voice
( line one ) Master InuYasha, Kagome is swimming! Let's check her out.
( line two ) Your blood is sweet though...
( line three ) I'm weak without your blood!!

There isn't really much of a deadline but I would love the voices as soon as possible.
you can email your auditions to and send them there.
Do at least two to three takes for each line. That way I can get a feel for the different emphasis.
I hope to hear from you soon!
        [Image: tumblr_oi51sn8cGD1vlwm0ro1_r1_540.png]

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