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doctrine calling the last pilot episode

Animation The Last Doctrine: The calling pilot episode
[Image: epqjpz.png]

A team of creative people have financed and equipped themselves to the teeth, to bring forth a new venture into a fantastic world full of intrique, war and wonder.
Where one man's search for redemption might end up saving more than just his own soul, but the entirety of all living things. But on his journey there, he will need a little bit of help.

The Last Doctrine is a comic that seeks to debate theology and religion, and all the derivatives thereof, by reflecting current events in the mirror image that is the vast universe set forward in this project.
The pilot will contain a variety of considered " progressive" aspects, but will in it's entirety play out like a classic hollywood epic, in the format of a visual novel. Accompanied by the masterly crafted tunes of Jack Of Brass music, and the visual style of independent artist, Wackart. 

We aim for the first episode to have a duration between 20-40 minutes. This means that to those who are casted for larger roles, there will be a healthy helping of voicework to do. You will work alongside the musician and voice-actor Jack Of Brass, who will direct the majority of the script. Should you be able to, you can visit his recording setup in Cheshire, England. Should you however be in closer proximity to Denmark, you may visit us for recording sessions in our small setup on Zealand. 

This is a project that has been funded privately by the artist behind the concept and general idea. This means that a lot of money has been put forward to re-equip Jack Of Brass with high-end software for the musical score, and recording gear for the local setups we have for our voice actors, as well as tools to lift the quality of the visuals to a higher standard.  
Ultimately, this means that the project will -not- make any profit before these expenses were exceeded. This particular episode facing a steep budget, therefore we cannot guarantee you anything cold cash, but will provide you with a copy of the finished product, and naturally, include you in any crediting. It is planned, that the project will be used in a multitude of educational workshops on storytelling as well as showcases, which means that there is potential for a bit of publicity. 


NOTE: it is likely that we would want to two main characters to indulge in romantic circumstance. This will be handled with utmost care and respect to the casted voice-actors and the characters themself. The Last Doctrine does not seek to glorify or fetishize the matter, but wishes to express it's liberal approach to general norms. There is no planning of any explicit scenes in the making, and any that may occur will be discouraged should the cast not feel comfortable with it.  If you are not comfortable participating with this concept, please reconsider your auditioning. 

Currently we are looking for everything from skilled singers, vocalists and actors for a whole list of roles. These including three big ones. These being: 

 - male - The protagonist (first main ): Tristan Solstice 

[Image: 2zznhqo.png]

Brief info

Age: Ranging 26-31 throughout the series

Emotional range: Large emotional scale
Prominent features:  Noble, religious, philosophical, nervous, hot-headed, polite, naïve, vain. 

Tristan carries with him, a lot of emotional baggage from his past. A cataclysmic event that slowly unveils to the audience throughout the story reveals that he has lost more than many, including friends, family, home and honor. Although despite this, he holds his head high during the new life he has managed to establish.

A dispute between his people and another, much more powerful fraction caused the near-total extinction of his fellow cultists. Due the assault, he saw his home collapse into a pyre. In addition, he was ultimately forced to betray the faith that he was otherwise so devoted to. Forcefully converting himself, and a group of students, which he was tutoring at the time, from their native belief system, to fit with the invading forces. A sign of ultimate cowardice that would later come to haunt him,
and now sending him on his way to wash himself off the sins of becoming a pariah.

Tristan is, despite his immense fear of death, even more frightened by the thought of dying faithless, and is now determined to reclaim his spot in the afterlife through the ultimate quest, saving the world from its impending doom, and becoming a martyr.
Despite having lived off the luxuries in a rich society before its all, and even now, as a renowned teacher and director of an academy to the south, the mage hosts great sympathy and care for those in the lower layers of society – despite he often finds them a brutish and unrefined bunch. He tries his best to hold his composure around everyone, and can avert much critique and drama from someone of his own stature and rank, however, there is nothing quite plucking his nerves like the unruliness of a skeptic savage. 

Tristan boasts a 
unique design, native to his people, whom treasured some very abstract concepts of beauty and grace. Despite the seemingly non-gender specific takes on many things like sexuality, apparel and ranking, there was still many ways and rules to remember, if you were to appeal to your fellow man or woman. Born in nobility in a third tier House. Tristan has been brought up by a loving family that taught him strict self-discipline (although he has a neck for letting his emotions run rampant ).

Despite the very flamboyant design of the character, we strive not to sexualize the concept, and will therefore not exaggerate the voicework and scripting for him. He will be as well articulate as you would expect from someone coming from such a place. The homosexual trait is incorporated in the character as you would see It in the real world. There will be nods to the tendencies that follows as it is very much a part of his core character. Although, we will not make parody on the specific trait.

This character has seen war up close due to the tradition of his people serving as a united healing-front to society, and is therefore not squeamish to the grim horrors of the world. However, as previously stated, he is easily caught up in things emotionally.

Pitfalls and performance: 
We are looking for someone who can balance all of these traits well and fluctuate between emotions, and intensity fluently. You should be watchful that one emotion is not overdone, and that another neglected. And most importantly, we look for a voice that can appeal to the audience with the character of a likeable but unlikely hero. It is crucial that this character can walk the line between “ whiny” and “ relatable “. There is no requirement to accent of any kind although we are looking for a someone with a noble ring to their voice.  

Examples of scripts: 
Tristan: * Snarkily *       And I am to assume that  -“you” – will protect me in there?
                                     Listen, stranger, you are not in your ‘wilderness’ anymore.
                                     This, is politics.

Tristan: * Fury *            You! You brute! You vandal! Scoundrel – how DARE you!?
                                     Lie your hand upon me, again, and I shall roast the flesh off your
                                     Grimy palms!

Tristan: * sad/hopeless *      You’re….just going to leave then? .. it’s over?...

Tristan: * joyously *        Now liven up a little will you! Just because the world is ending, doesn’t
                                      mean that we do not owe it to ourselves to relax once in a while.           

 - male - The hermit ( Main 2: Companion character )

[Image: 2lmw475.jpg]

Brief info

Age: 35-42

Emotional range: Narrow emotional scale

Prominent features:  Skeptic, arrogant, brooding, proud, inquisitive, brutish

Current concept:  Tall, heavy barbaric build, rugged, ruffled.

Background ( in short ) + character:

Nothing much is known about the hermit that one day shows up in the southern capitol. Where the journey begins. He is dirty from many days of travel. Looks to people with skeptic, analytic eyes, and doesn’t say a single word unless directly spoken to.

The hermit left his own cult years ago, wandering the earth as what he deems “ a free man”. The eyes of distrust he receives, he sends right back to the people who dare spare him their glare. He is a lone wolf, and has always been.  

Always secretive about his personal life, but never shy of debating his faithlessness with others, preferably those of faith, which he can find himself ever tickled by, once he sees their faces flush red in anger. The world is ending, and strangely enough, he is all right with that. The sweet embrace of death, he will welcome when time comes. Or at least so he claims.

Pitfalls and performance:

The hermit character will serve as the direct counterpart to the main character, and will throughout the story serve as his cornerstone. He can be calming and nurturing when needed, but also incredibly provocative. He says what’s on his mind, but always thinks his words through first. Every word is calculated and deeply analyzed before leaving his lips. The character will on rare occasions switch to a much more compassionate type, and therefore the actor should also be able to express himself with sincerity and empathy.

This character requires great likeability, although, must also feature an edge that will provide the character with the inquisitive side that will become prominent during the series. He must be able to make the audience despise him, but then turn them around and make them like him once again in relatively short time.

Hermit * mocking *      So where’s you’re God now? I don’t need no divine creature stooping from his

                                          throne to help us in this mess. What is the purpose of all these charades if the fool

                                          never actually aids you.

Hermit * growling *     Listen to yourself! There is no way we’re going to make it, and we were both idiots

                                         to believe we ever could!

Hermit * gentle *           Why didn’t you just tell me? Did you really believe I would disown you?

Hermit * fury *               You lied to me! I trusted you, and you were just playing me this whole time!
                                           Well guess what – I am not your little pawn anymore! I am abandoning this quest! 

 - female - The chronicler ( narrator ): 

Visual design still on the way

Brief info

Age: unknown

Emotional range: Narrow, melancholic tendencies.

Prominent features:  Noble, wise, tranquil, neutral, otherworldly

The only characters in this day and age to be considered a divine force made flesh, The chroniclers keep the history of the world in their grand archives and libraries. They hoard collections of religious artefacts, cultural remaints and documents. Thusly they are always first on the scene in the following of a grand event, be it a crowning of a king, or a massacre, you will find them scavenge, scribble and excavate the scene as the very first. How they come to know of the events have puzzled many. But despite their revered character, they refuse to meddle with the world beyond that of writing its ultimate testament.
In the wake of the brewing apocalypse, many Libraries have been torn to the ground, and many of the Chroniclers themselves, executed for varying reasons. Often motivated by spite of their neutrality, or fear of their awe-inducing power and status.

This chronicler is one of the few remaining. Only seven libraries and all their collections remain. She is as kind and empathic as her kinsmen, doing her damnest to aid where she can, although, remains in the safe haven of Caleum Domum, the city of pillars. Where she can reside, resting assured that no rioting horde can get to her, or her belongings.

She is the only character who knows the full extent of main character, Tristan’s, tragic past. And presumably also the only one truly enlightened on behalf of the foreboding quest the duo sets out on. Serving as pillar of light and advice for our heroes.

Pitfalls and performance:

The Chronicler demands a very special vibe from its voice actor. Not only must they come forth powerful, wise and almost omnipotent, but must also be capable of expressing kindness although through a veil of unalignment. The character should formally sound, as if at peace with any given the situation at hand, whilst still taking be able to express worry for the way the world is headed. A very paradoxal character to handle.

On top of that, the actor should be comfortable in reciting exposition for world-building purposes and should have a soothing but indulging tone and flow. The voice will be manipulated and altered through the means of software, and the author should therefore take effects like “ echoes” and the likes into consideration when auditioning.

Examples of scripts:

Exposition: Prologue:  With the renaissance of culture dawning upon the world, the flourishing everyday life of every sentient creature is brought under heavy speculation, as the first tablets are unearthed from the ancient ruins to the west. Having been buried in ages under seas of sand and tumbleweed, it takes philosophers and scholars years to translate the worn out scriptures. The first findings of a lost civilization, that no one at first would believe to have existed, were that of an omen. Warning it´s people that once the God´s began to fight amongst themselves, the end of days would be upon us all.

Talking to protagonist: The mantle is yours to pick up, Stinger. Nobody else is willing, you and your friend must go with most urgency to the king’s court, and convince him to aid the forces to the west. He will listen. He must.

Side-characters/ One-off's

Prison Guard ( female )
Court librarian ( male ) 
City guard, general 
mouthy Prisoner ( male ) 

How to ?
When auditioning for the project, we would like you to send us a demo of your range of voices and vocals. If you want to audition for one of the main three roles, please attach recordings for them in a -seperate- file. This is because we want to use you as much as we can, when we cast you. You might be able to voice a couple of background characters while also handling one of the main ones. Therefore, keep your demo-reel and your "big" audition seperated so that we can clearly differenciate. 

We are still working with finalizing scripts and character concepts, as the project will enter it's first phase in mid-december. This means that you still have a chance to shape the character as you like it. Make sure to keep this in mind when taking on the lines. We want to feel -you- in that character. And would love to see what aspect you can bring to them. 

The deadline is currently by the end of december, specifically the 30'th. If however we still lack personel to help us voice our entire cast, the period of auditioning will be extending into January. Please turn in your recordings on time. 

If you apply for singing or otherwise musical vocals, please attach a file with you, singing in any given format that you'd want to propose to us. 


- You must either have access to high-end recording gear yourself, or be able to visit one of our recording sessions in England or Denmark, in order for us to work with your voice in proper quality.

- We will expect stability from you as you will be required to turn in a number of recordings in the term January- March 2017. 

- Your english must be fluent and with no audible insecurities.

- Due to some controversial content that might be apparent in the script, you must be at least 18 years of age by the beginning of January 2017. 

External links 

Casting video 
Animation test
Teaser trailer


Since the client does not allow .rar attachments, you can write to our email on, to recieve the full archive of concepts currently available for the characters. However the most vital visuals are provided in the descriptions above, and will be updated as more are finalized.

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