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egg sfm zone series spinning

Fan Project [SFM] Spinning Egg Zone Series
Hello, everyone. I would love to introduce to you folks to a series I helped co-create, write and voice in.

Spinning Egg Zone is a parody series that tries to be different from other Sonic parodies. While most Sonic parodies focus on ridiculous pieces that many Sonic fans find funny, this sets itself apart and focuses a bit more on their "real life". 

Here, Sonic characters are actors, merely. Sonic and Eggman aren't enemies, they're closer to friends... sorta. They have to deal with issues, both on a personal and professional level.  They have to deal with constant criticism (especially Eggman), their boss (Dark Lord Iizuka), and each other's conflicting personalities.

This series is about the problems the Sonic franchise has, poking fun at it, as well as tearing down expectations. Sonic fans come to expect jokes about Amy loving Sonic, Eggman losing all the time, or Shadow being overly edgy. Here, that is not the case. Characters have their own personalities that separate itself from the games and does so intentionally. 

It should note that the jokes presented in the parodies, mostly Dark Lord Iizuka, are not opinions of the Sonic franchise. It's satire, we do not think Takashi Iizuka is truly the problem the series face; he simply is meant to embody the misdirection of Sonic Team. We're sure, in real life, Iizuka is splendid fellow. 

Episode 1: Tears. 

The first episode is the setting for all that is to come. It introduces us to a sorta friendly relationship between Sonic and Eggman (real name Ivo, in this case) and also introduces us to the "antagonist" Dark Lord Iizuka who has Sonic and Ivo collect the tears of Sonic fans. 

This also introduces Sally who plays a sorta director/assistant role to Iizuka. At the time, co-creator WittyUsernameSA only threw that in to give his then-girlfriend a role since she both loved Sonic and Sally. But they broke up and since that's there, he's decided to keep her role and potentially go into more detail later.

 As an early adaptation to the idea (and technically what I'd like to refer to as a pilot episode). It took nearly a year to finish (WUSA had little motivation at the time) and after some furthered communication between him and I and proof he was still animating it, our investment for the series has grown much further up. Through this universe, we started to flesh it into so many ideas and stories and how to make the characters work, we needed an entire episode to bring this universe to a tighter knot, which brings us to....

Episode 2: Interview 

This episode goes deeper and deeper into the characters, we get to learn more about Sonic and Ivo, as well as getting some strong introductions to Amy, Tails, Knuckles, Blaze, Silver, Rouge, Cream, Big, Shadow, and Metal Sonic. This is entirely character driven with lots of voices. The whole thing came up to a whopping 16 minutes. 

And the cast had a LOT of fun doing this one, by the way. They really loved working on this episode. Being the voice director, I wanted most of these lines to be recorded in a Skype call so we had lots of bouncing around. WUSA was in the call as well, and experienced that there was a lot of love and laughter going around. And a lot of improvising. While the first script was pretty much read through normally, here there was a fair bit of improvisation, something both of us deeply encourage. 

Anyway, here it is (slight NSFW in audio, very slight. It's also a bit muffled, but we recommend watching with a headset unless you just don't care).

A short is coming up fairly soon. Should be about 3-4 minutes, which will introduce Vector and Espio to the mix, as well as Ivo's father. After that, Spinning Egg Zone episode 3, which will involve the team having to be pit against another well-known franchise...

You can subscribe to us here on Witty's channel. We will be looking for SFM animators, modelers, and, of course, voice actors: 

**Original unmodified post by WittyUsernameSA 
What is this made in? I've been trying to figure it out Smile
Source Film Maker (Or SFM, as it's known). It's another animation program similar to Gmod, from my understanding, and can be downloaded free on Steam. It's my directing partner WittyUsernameSA who does the animation and visual stuff for this. He has had quite a good few years of experience with it.

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