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the pack voice thread

Voice Pack The Voice Pack Thread
For a while now I've been making free voice packs. Free packs of pre-recorded lines intended for folks to use in prototypes and game jams. Funnily enough musicians have been using them the most. Feel free to make your own and add them here.

Kawaii Fighter High pithed anime girl
Combat Kid Young anime kid
RPG Shop Keeper British female fantasy voice

The voice samples are in mp3 format and are zipped.Only restriction is no adult themed games and nothing you make money on please. If in doubt please ask and I can check it’s OK or work something out.
Also please credit :
“Azure’s Kawaii Fighter Voice Pack
You can also use it for other projects such as mods, animations etc

See my site for more info on my packs

Feel free to add your own.
Are we able to contribute our own voice packs to this thread too? I might have some creature ones to pass for you to put on the main post Smile
Yes please!
[Image: warlord.jpg?zoom=1.25&resize=380%2C342]


It’s been a while since I did a voice pack, as always these are free for non profit projects and may not be used in any projects with adult content or which you will make money with. If in doubt email me at


You need to credit ” Azure’s Warlord voice pack

Samples include:

All Units!

Health Critical!




Full Health.

Action Etc

Thanks! Happy remixing! and as always  you can use these for projects for other than games such as music as long as you follow the rules.
[Image: CoPQuxG.png]

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