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to audition newbies guide how

Newbies Guide: How to Audition
Part one of our extensive introduction to amateur voice acting looks at the kinds of projects you can get involved in, and how to find out more, which include games, machinima, flash, and podcasts. The last time I wrote one of these guides it was ten years ago. Periodically I would update it and I was this going to do the same again for this site. But a lot of things have changed, and so have a lot of my views. This guide aims to enable you start voice acting online, from getting equipment to editing your voice files and getting parts. Part one talks about some of the projects you can get involved with.
Why voice act online?
Voice actors are one part of a massive variety of multimedia productions, voice is part of our every day lives the work of voice actors reaches us through a mass of forms including television, radio games and the internet. There is of course the professional and commercial world, but that doesn’t mean that voice acting can’t be a hobby. Just talented amateurs take part in community theatre, voice over actors can take part in projects. With the wide spread of broadband internet the projects voice actors can take part in have expanded to encompass a wide range of media. Since this sites bias is towards character acting the kinds of projects I will talk about will focus on that kind of voice over. To give you an idea of the kind of projects out there and where to find out more I’m going to take a rough guide through a few.
Audio Drama/ Radio plays- Simply put these are audio plays like you would hear on the radio. Voices, music and sound effects come together to tell a story. For professional examples one of the best places to hear audio drama for free is BBC radio 7. A digital and online radio channel from the BBC with a heavy focus on drama. As compression online has improved the ability to upload and distribute audio drama online has increased. The phenomen of pod casting has provided an convenient method to promote, distribute and download audio content for free .Streaming broadcasts are also popular allowing users to create virtual radio stations. Apple i-tunes
Flash It’s hard not to talk about animation online without Flash. Flash is a toolset for creating interactive projects. Very often webpages with complex interfaces use flash, but it’s most interesting use is for animation and for games that can be easily be embedded into websites. offers a great starting point for learning about flash.Adobe Flash
Animation Of course Flash isn’t the only animation production software out there. Just as you can put up an audio for download or to stream you can put videos online. Sites such as Youtube have made online content more accessible especially for short or bite size projects.
Games The internet is a natural home for games, and just as full scale commercial games use increasing amount of voice so do amateur and Indie projects. Adventure games, and RPGs often are in particular need of voice actors so sites revolved around game editors are always a great place to get involved. For example Ren’py, Adventure game studio and RPG Maker. Suggested Links RPG Maker (official site) ( fan site) Ren'py Adventure game studio
Mods Commercial games have increasingly let users create their own content from custom sound, custom levels or maps to full blown games made via these games editing tools. The scope and ambition of these projects is always increasing, so the demands also increase.
Machinima Machinima can probably be placed in a number of other categories. Machinima is created by real time manipulation of 3D CGI. The most common form records video game footage, where it is used much the same way as traditional 3D animation. Machinima started as a fan activity, as gamers realised they could use their games characters as digital actors. Voice actors don’t usually have to take part in the filming, they can dub over after with others acting as the puppeteers during the filming process. Increasingly games designers have worked machinima tools into their games with Halo and the Sims 2 have strong support. Lionhead’s the movies is a sim with a dedicated movie making tool. Sims 2 movie making tutorial Lionhead's The movies game
Fan dubs Fan dubs are particularly popular in the anime community. In those cases it involves creating an entirely new audio track from scratch. It’s rarely possible to filter out the voices, so even if the aim is just to change vocals everything has to be redone. Again the advancement of the internet has changed a lot. If you choose to get involved with fan dubs there’s a ready made community to join, but there’s also the controversy surrounding what are essential illegal anime downloads. Fan dubs raise an important issue that any Indie voice actor has to face “ Do I take part in fan projects”. Fan projects tend to enjoy large communities and support bases. But there is the basic problem of legality, is it O.K to take part in a project based on someone else’s work? In the end that’s for you to decide. Next update will be part two! Which will look at low cost equipment and software for audio editing.
My main goal is also getting a shot at voice acting in a game mod and then, maybe, even get a job voice acting for a video game developer. I think the most important part is advertising yourself online, through social media like YouTube, which helps in you maybe getting discovered by a big company.

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