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Are you new introduce yourself!
1) Pick a number
2) Favourite artist?
3) Favourite Film?
4) Fav colour?
[color=#666666][font='Open Sans', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]5) How did you find this forum? b) Have you thoug
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What games are you playing?
What games are you playing at the moment? I'm in a weird circle between Twilight Princess HD, Stardew Valley and Rise of the Tomb Raider. Each is excellent, and it's super distracting to see so many games out at once. That said I'm not exactly charging through these.

What are you playing?
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What writing software do you use?
Just wondering what writing software people use. I use Scrivner , though I previously used Celtx  ( which has a basic free version), Amazon also have a free scripting tool.

What writing software do you guys use? and how do you script your projects?
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Do you read comics?
Any other comics readers out there? I read a ton of manga and have gotten into Marvel again after getting a Marvel unlimited account. 

I currently read all of Parasyte ( and loved it), and on the manga side have caught up to the first Ms Marvel run. I'm waiting for the next arc to come on unlimited. Aside from that Emma volume 4 is on order and should ship soon.

What else is everyone reading?
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What do you want to see on the site?
I'm aware since the relaunch there's been a bit of a gap whilst I attended to other stuff. I want to start updating here again soon so would love to see some suggestions for community projects?

Depending on response or ideas I may also re-open staff applications.
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What are you listening to?
[Video: http://<a href="https://www.youtube.com/...tw08FY</a>]

just post music video or dance ok i'll start..
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do you like long trips in cars?
about mine Yes, I love it. When I do it i try to avoid Highways, so I can drive through neat villages and enjoy the country etc.
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PC Game are you currently Playing?
I have a lot of free time for playing currently playing Heroes of the Storm. Took a break from League of Legends after watching Heroes of the Dorm
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do you start exercise?
for me I can be better then the other guy. I am presuming a career in Ice Hockey and you have to want it more then the other guy.
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first smart phone you ever used?
My 1st was the Motorola i860. In a world of flip phones, it stood out because of it's screen and smart features. I did enjoy using it, but I much prefer the large flagship smart phones of today.