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Who are your favourite voice actors?
I'm always intrigued to know this one. I'm not limiting your answers in any way either, they are YOUR favourites after all. They could have a stellar career in the field of voice overs, or they could have only ever done it the once. They could be from a feature length animated film or simply from advertisements. They could even be world famous celebrities or just your mate Barry from down the road!

For my picks it has to be John Di Maggio as my all time favourite. Most people will know him as
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Actors needed for Doctor Who audio adventure
Hi, everybody.

I am in the process of producing my very own Doctor Who audio story, called 'Alien Matters'. It is set in suburban America in the 1950s, and it follows the Twelfth Doctor and Clara trying to bring down a gangster group led by a genocidal psychopath alien.

I have casted several of my roles, and the role of the Doctor is being played by Jonathon Carley, an impressionist whose work on Peter Capaldi (the actor who plays the Twelfth Doctor on television) has been praised.

I ha
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Who Jr Episode 1 (Non- Paying)
Hello My name is Equestrian Creator (The writer of Who Jr) and I am looking for voice actors for a (Non- Paying) Project I have been working on. For the first episode I have some voice actors ready for some of the character needed for episode 1 but unfortunately due to lack of dedication I had to re-cast some characters.

Here is a small description of what the project is about (We current have several episodes written with more in the works)
Meet Dinky Doo and Doctor Whooves Jr (the children
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Humble Dr Who Audio book bundle
Any Whovians on there might want to check the Humble Audio Bundle . It's full of Big Finishes Dr Who radio plays. There's a mix of classic and new Who. Even if you're just a casual fan you might wanna get the basic tier. I definitely encourage you to be listening to some audio plays especially if you want to make them
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[Unpaid] Doctor Who: Rebirth - Fan Audio Drama : SEEKING TWO LEADS
[align=left][color=#424242][size=small][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Hey there everyone, I'm the head writer, editor, director and producer of an upcoming fan audio drama series called Doctor Who Rebirth which takes place in an alternate universe where we get to play with our own incarnations of The Doctor, with the first incarnation using the like
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One Piece: Who Will Save Robin From Aokiji? (4M, 2F, 2M/F)
One Piece: Who Will Save Robin from Aokiji?

Well Ladies & Gentlemen this shall be a Casting Call for an Audioplay Version of my One Piece Fanfic "Who Will Save Robin from Aokiji?" in which you can read at the following links...



(Note: Yeah I admit I'm not the best proofr