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VocalID creating synthetic voices
I came across this talk by a scientist talking about the problem with speech synthesisers being generic and her project to create unique voices for each user of the technology combining donor voices with whatever the person for whom the voice is intended is able to say.

Relevant for people here is that they are looking for people to donate voices.
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Beware voices.com
just a quick shout to avoid voices.com, apparently they take 60% of the project which essentially means less for you and your client pays more for less. There's a discussion on reddit about it

FYI they are saying voices.com advertise on other sites, so beware of anyone in business with them.
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(Closed) Voices for Arguing Parents Needed
DUE DATE:  20th October 2016

I need two voice actors for background characters in a short scene at the end of my short film where a child’s parents can be heard arguing in the next room. The parents are unaware that their son is listening. THERE IS NO PAY but you will be credited.

[Image: http://i.imgur.com/kkCDVl2.jpg]

[color=#000000][size=small][font=Verdana, Arial]This image is of the son. The parents will not be seen in the animation. The story is told from the son's perspective a
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[unpaid] male voices for audio drama
Friends Fight Foes 

Three friends Justin, Toby, and Mabel are trying to solve the crime of a local streak of burglary. We are looking for supporting voice actors:

Mr. Feathermond (still casting)

65 years old
[size=medium][font=Arial, H
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Voices needed for stop motion series
We are two USC students working on a stop motion animation web series pilot: The Legend of Wonton Town. This story happens in an American diner bar in ancient China, so neither the story nor the background setting actually makes sense.

[color=#000000][size=large][font=Calibri]We are now look
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2 Male voices for Rodent Wake audio play ( unpaid)
It's been a while since I made something, and I've had this short audio script sitting here unproduced so I thought I'd give it a home.  It's  set in a middle class suburb of London, or perhaps somewhere just outside like Guildford.  Wilkes an old retired surveyor, is talking to O'Dare a handyman he hires to do DIY and maintenance around the house,they are gossiping about their neighbour who recently held a funeral for her son's gerbil. The whole script is only 1000 words, the script has been wr
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Working with voice actors what to do when you have to cast
So you've held auditions and you now need to cast. I'll briefly talk about, this though in the end it's up to you. But if you're still stuck here are some pointers:
  • The person fits the character – if you're sensible your audition had example lines that will help you pick out who will portray the character the best. Rarely will they be exact, but this the whole core of casting, this is the thing you want. Here are some things to think ab
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Voices Needed For Minecraft Puzzle Game!
The game is called, Logical Conjunction. It's a two player teamwork puzzle game that I created back in early 2015. It received a lot of good reception so I'm in the process of updating it with 3D models, voice acting, and a new boss battle to enhance the experience.

A brief summary about the game[size=small][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]:
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Small pool of voices!
I'm working on an audiobook series, but I have a problem. I can't actually do that many disperate voices. Is it okay to voice everyone the same way? This is written, produced, and acted all by me, so I'm not disapointing anyone, but this is a professional project I plan to monotize. Do I need to hold off for a while? this is an episodic series, so growth is to be expected on the job, but can I get away with starting that way?
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[CLOSED] THE DETECTIVE: Male and Female Voices Wanted!
I am looking to expand the cast of our pilot episode for a new action-adventure series called The Detective[color=#303f50][size=medium][font=Arial] produced entirely using LEGO characters, sets, and models, and was hoping that you lovely people might be able to help. This project is still in the early s