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Vegeta Final Flash
- Description
This is for a fandub I am creating of Vegeta's final flash against cell. Currently, I need trunks and krillin so I am holding auditions for it.

- Character list/profiles
Trunks: Trunks is Vegeta's son from the future, he is trying to prevent the androids from destroying the world. I would prefer if you can make him sound similar to Eric vales rendition of the character but put your own little spin on it.

Krillin: Krillin is Goku's best friend. He had been in the series sinc
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Murder at Black Manor (Cluedo Videogame Narration)
Hello ladies and gentlemen.

Earlier this year I was able to get into the studio at Teesside University to voice for my friend's game project.
While I don't have a link to a demo or a video of the gameplay, Danielle's portfolio can be found here - daniellesinclair4.wixsite.com/portfolio/

I was able to grab the raw files and upload them all to Soundcloud - [url=htt
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Looking for a female voice actor
Hi i'm currently looking for a Female voice actor to play a small or big role in a horror movie i'm currently filming If you are interested, please post your email down below and I will contact you for more information. Thank you!
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Community Project - New Instagram
We have recently made a new instagram account for voice acting space! Considering this is a new addition, we need some help from you guys, the community, to make the new account fun and informational. 

What me and admin Azure were thinking is we think we could get pictures of members actual recording spaces. Then, we could post those spaces on the account and you can add facts about yourself, describe your setup, or other information about your voice acting venture. Then, we'll put in in the c
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What makes voice acting fun?
Seriously, I think if you're gonna voice act it might as well be fun. 

Well what's fun about it? Personally I think it's fun because I get to be helpful in a group working on a project and I can let my voice out.

What about you guys? What makes voice acting fun for you?
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Omar Martinez VO Demo Reel

Hey you!

Give me a shot and listen to my new demo!

All feedback and criticisms are welcomed!

[Video: http://<a href="https://youtu.be/9OroIZ-...Z-rGW4</a>]
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Voice over vlog
Hello all you lovely little voice over squishes!

Hope this is the right place for this - [color=#1d2129][font=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]I've just started a VO YouTube channel. I'm going to be vlogging about my progress and equipment etc and just recording the journey of a total noob! Hopefully I'll be able to get some helpful tips and advice to other newcomers i
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Looking for Line Webtoon Voice Actors: UPDATED
Hi, My name is Anais and I'm an online voice actor looking for a band of people to work with on a series of voice over projects using comics from a popular free site known as Line Webtoon. There are a number of comics I would like to do with a group of dedicated people who love voice acting as much as I do. This site is completely free to the public and has a variety of comics for anyone separated into various genres. [size=medium][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif] All the comics I plan on doin
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Commercial Voice Over Demo
This is my current commercial VO demo. Just posting it here for public viewing.
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Main Characters in Originular Show
[Video: http://<a href="https://www.youtube.com/...j6fbXU</a>]

Welcome to Originular Show's voice acting studio! This is the place where you can experience your voice acting techniques! Just sit down, relax and enjoy your role of Originular Show!

[font=sans-serif]SERIES DESCRIPTION: In the series, it was the year 1998, which is actually 2014 in the real world. Originular Show is about an immortal 21-year old hybrid