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Finding a VO coach
Found a decent article on finding a VO coach.  Well worth a read if you need training. If any of you have taken lessons I'd love to know how it went and how you found them.
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What VO and acting training do you recommend?
How many of you have taken acting, improv and voice over lessons? We get asked for advice picking training both online and in person and would love to hear from those of you who can recommend teaches and classes.

Gravy for the brain

The Art of voice acting

Would love to hear some more recommendations. Note if you offer le
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Pro VO for Indie Games
Hey y'alls,

New to the site, so thought I'd say hey and share.

10+ years experience doing this and trained with Adam Harrington (League of Legends, Wolf Among Us, Guardians of the Galaxy).
Just updated the studio and it's crystal clear AAA quality audio.  

If you have a project, let's talk and bring it to life.  Smile

Demo below:

[Video: http://<a href="https://youtu.be/0KL5wdw...dw_VQo</a>]


Alexei (uh-LEX-ee)
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Omar Martinez VO Demo Reel

Hey you!

Give me a shot and listen to my new demo!

All feedback and criticisms are welcomed!

[Video: http://<a href="https://youtu.be/9OroIZ-...Z-rGW4</a>]
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VO Demo Reel 2017
Hi there, I'm a newbie VO hoping to find myself a place in projects to improve my acting and improv. I'm always looking for places to improve myself in my voice acting from tips & tricks to professional sound quality. I do some bass singing as well.

Here is my demo reel for this year:

I have done some auditions that I have done on the casting call club website if you're interested in listening to them: