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My Video Demo
I thought it would be fun to make a random highlights reel of stuff I have been in over the years.

[Video: http://<a href="https://www.youtube.com/...ZGSMEM</a>]
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Tutorial Video - How to record your lines
[Video: http://<a href="https://www.youtube.com/...zfSPMQ</a>]

This is a quick video I did on how to lip sync using Audacity and a video player in this case Virtualdub. Both are free and open source.
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Voice-over for 20s video (Paid)
The audition is over. Thanks!
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What's going on with the video game voice actor's strike
I was reading about the videogame voice actor strike with SAG members in the US, and wondered what was going on with it. As far as I know major titles like the Uncharted spin off are still coming out, though many of the rest of the games I've played this year seem to have used anime studios to dub their games ( which make sense seeing as so many of them are Japanese).

Anyone got any i
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The Video games thread
I just ended up buying a Nintendo Switch with Bomberman, I'm aiming to pick up Zelda tomorrow. I don't want to buy too much until Splatoon 2, but what else should I be playing?

On the Sony side, PS Plus just dropped tales from the Borderlands and Tearaway so I've got plenty to play whilst I stock up the switch. What is everyone else playing?

Also if anyone wants to friend my feel free to DM me for my account names.
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[IndieGameProject] RetroSkunk voice actors needed
It's a 2d Indie Platformer called "the Retro Skunk"
I've been working on this project for like 3 years.
It's mostly based on MegaMan and other video games
such as Mario and metroid.
I'm planning to put it on steam once I finish it.
[align=center]It will have 4 playable characters
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Need 2 voice actors for animated video game parody [ closed[
I'm looking for 2 voice actors for my animated video game parody of "Eggs of Steel". The game might be obscure for some people. It came out for PS1 and was developed by Atlus which I think is defunct. Anyway I need 2 voice actors.

1. Charlie

2. Gus Fring ( Breaking Bad )

The premise is that Charlie's been out of work for almost 20 years and he's now working at Los Pollos Hermanos. He's sitting in the back alley talking directly to the camera about his misfortune. He was a steel mill wor
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VARIOUS VOICE ACTORS needed for video game.
VARIOUS VOICE ACTORS needed for video game.

We are looking for voice over artists for a National Film and Television School[color=#000000][size=small][font=Arial] graduation video game project from our award winning games department. These are unpaid roles which can be reco
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Female voice actor needed for happy, excited, teen mage
Casting Call for Minion Masters Character - Milloween

About us: 
BetaDwarf is a small indie company based in Denmark working on our third title Minion Masters, to that end we’re seeking a voice over artist to voice our character Milloween.

[size=small][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][b]About the g
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[anime+cartoon] video demo reels (in both English and Japanese!)
Hello everyone! My name is Jennifer and I'm a sophomore at NYU. I'm new to VO and this site, so I'm hoping to make some friends here( ^ω^ )
    Here are some compilations of anime+cartoon clips that I did in both languages. I'm mainly skilled at the cute loli or teen voices. Enjoy! (*¯︶¯*)