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Crossover fighting game in need of VAs (Wave 1)
Hello, Voiceacting Space.

I am the head of a crossover fighting video game that is currently in earlier phases of development. Even though this may be a fan-made game, I will make certain in the end that it is not short of any quality. In order to establish this promise as truth, I will be needing voice actors to portray both canonical and originally-created characters. If you contact us at the e-mail we are currently utilizing (newbloodsofficialgame@outlook.com), we will send you some
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[Closed] [Book Trailer] Seeking Five VAs for Wandering Land Audio Book Trailer
Seeking five voice actors to read lines for an audio book trailer to be released on various podcast feeds, social media, and other websites. Each role will require reading roughly five lines, which will be edited into smaller vignettes for the final trailer. Actors of all ethnicities welcome. American accents for all characters. Please send a recording of all lines (preferably 2-3 takes of each line) as a wav or mp3 to [email=jamiekillen0@gmail.com][size=medium]jamiekillen0@g
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Looking for Line Webtoon VAs: NEED AUSTEN FEMALE LEAD
Hi, My name is Anais and I'm an online voice actor looking for a band of people to work with on a series of voice over projects using comics from a popular free site known as Line Webtoon. There are a number of comics I would like to do with a group of dedicated people who love voice acting as much as I do. This site is completely free to the public and has a variety of comics for anyone separated into various genres. [color=#303f50][size=medium][font=Arial, Helvetica, san
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VAs for game (UNPAID) [CLOSED]
So i just need 2 characters to have a voice actor:

-Calvin (CASTED)

He has a deep-ish 23 y-o sounding voice. He has a country accent. He sounds like Hopper from Stranger Things, but with a country accent

He is 7 years old. He has a country accent, too. He kind of sounds like liam (orange haired bowl cut) from the loud house


if your interested, contact me at deadalivegame@gmail.com

Due D