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Tutorial Video - How to record your lines
[Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KjHhAzfSPMQ]

This is a quick video I did on how to lip sync using Audacity and a video player in this case Virtualdub. Both are free and open source.
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[Tutorial] How to fan dub in Adobe Premiere
ince it's fairly commonly asked, I'm going to guide you on how to make a fandub in Adobe Premiere Elements 14. You should be able to follow along fairly easily in other video editors. I learned on Adobe and the Elements version bundled with photoshop is reasonably priced at around £60. Vegas is also pretty popular but I've never liked it much.
First lets take a look at the work area:
[Image: http://www.voiceacting.space/images/video1.jpg]
You can see it's fairly simply set out, there's a vi
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[Tutorial] How to get into voice acting part 1
[Video: https://youtu.be/JSNfyTHuAeI]
[size=small]So you want to be a voice actor? This is a basic intro on how to get into voice acting online. The tutorial covers equipment, software, auditions and demo reels.

More info at http://www.voiceacting.space
E-mail me at : aralechan@gmail.com
Personal blog: http://www.gameswriting.coffee

My home audi
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[Video Tutorial] Directing Your First Voice Over Project
A 6 part video tutorial designed to walk new directors step-by-step through the casting, directing, and production process of a voice over project.

PART 1: Holding Auditions
[Video: https://youtu.be/NGDiFIrztvg]

[b]PART 2: Audition Deadlines[/b]
[Video: https://youtu.be/TXYBBGpLw_g]

[b]PART 3: Casting[/b]
[Video: https://youtu.be/O1NWWDYq6nk]

PART 4: Sending Scripts