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Looking to form team for Arrow/Flash fan series
[size=small][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]I'm working on two audio series - alternate versions of Flash and Arrow. I've already recruited some writers, but we'd like more people to join our creative team if possible. As well as that, we're looking for script editors to review scripts and make sure that overall characterisation remains consistent, casting directors to help find voice actors and sound editors to help produce th
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Indie Team looking for Voice Actors (2M 1F) (Closed)
Hi everyone,

I´m working on a small Indie Game and we are currently looking for Voice Actors.

It´s a short story-based game about an elderly man and his family.
You can find more info in our audition document:

Send you Auditions to [email=niftyllamagames@gmail.com]niftyllamagames@gmail.com[/
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Various Team Rocket Songs Fandub Project
Greetings! I'm a Pokémon junkie! 

Terrible introduction aside, one of my favorite aspects of the Pokémon franchise is the music produced by the anime. The problem, however, is the fact that the English dub takes all of that out, especially the songs that play during the credits (also known as "ending themes"). I've been working on dubbing many of these songs into English, but there's a new problem on my hands: The songs performed by Team Rocket. Writing English lyrics is easy enough, but I can'
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[Unpaid] Building a music and sound effects team for Original Project
Hello I am JJ for a long time I been trying hard to get my original story Castle Night Wolf off the ground as an audio book originally. That fell flat because the narrator at the time lost interest, so instead of making it an audio book this time I want to make it into an audio drama which leads up to the sequel Return to Castle Night Wolf. I need sound effects people and a composer of music. What I have so far is the opening theme and one theme for the main villain. I am going to be posting the