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audio story
I am currently writing an online story through a facebook crowd called silent hill paradise group.I want to find someone who can take each chapter that I write up,and make it in to an audio thing.Where the person can both read what is written but also add in appropriate sounds to go along with it.
note,this isn't paid work since it is only a small project.I do write proper stories which are for sale,but this story is strictly for the FB group.Some people want it to be voice and sound edited whi
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Gaming lore/short story project!
Hello, all! I've been working on an audio related gaming project, and am looking for some feedback! While I do not necessarily consider myself a VA talent, this project is helping me work on a lot of skills, including better articulating myself and being comfortable with my voice. I also work with a variety of voice actors in the videos to lend their voices to characters, and reading game lore.

The project itself is, as aforementioned, gaming related. We go over a variety of random bits of ba
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Kirby Themed Project - Male Extras Needed
Extras are needed to fill the gaps in a Kirby-themed webseries and portfolio project (Rated PG-13). This project is unpaid.

Please contact me at the email below for auditions. Deadline is August 15th. Any audio format is accepted. Multiple takes are appreciated.


My Email (Please Contact Me for Voice Acting Here):

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