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Best Editing Software
What good editing software would you recommend? And why? Which ones are the best and which ones do you use? And also, how much does a professional editing software suite cost?
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What writing software do you use?
Just wondering what writing software people use. I use Scrivner , though I previously used Celtx  ( which has a basic free version), Amazon also have a free scripting tool.

What writing software do you guys use? and how do you script your projects?
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The Useful resources list - Free music, software and sound effects
I thought it'd be great to make a super master list of basic resources needed for voice acting, and content production. I'm emphasising free software and music but other tutorials, resources and links are included as well. Feel free to suggest stuff.

https://incompetech.com/ - Royalty Free music
http://soundimage.org/ - Free music and loops
Josh Woodward - Fr
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Newbie With A Software Collection
Hi, everyone:
I am just getting into voice acting.  My first account is a children's yoga curriculum.  The thing I need immediately is a downloadable software that, once a project is done and ready to be sent to the client, can be saved as a wave file.
Does such a thing exist?  Should I call a patent lawyer?

Please and thank you!