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"I'm the only one left. I found Eirik and Arrys' bodies We wouldn't have lit a fire if we weren't freezing to death"

[Image: http://i66.tinypic.com/5urc6h.jpg]

Hello everyone, i am Hannes. I am one of the Admins of the Atmora-calling Team.
"Expedition to Atmora" is a mod for a Video Game, Skyrim.
It is adding a whole new continent to the game.

We have been working several thousand hours over the last 2 years on this,
in an international Team.

The people playing
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[CLOSED] VA'S NEEDED for DaedraSkyrim Machinima
[Image: https://i.imgur.com/Zezf6hf.jpg]

Hey there! I need some voices for my Daedra Comedy Machinima series!


[s][color=#666666]I have attached the pilot episode above for reference. The series involves the famed mage, Morian Zenas, as he serves the 16 Daedric Princes.[/colo
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(UNPAID) - (Skyrim Mod) Male Follower. FULL CREDIT to the voice actor.
Good day. I have already completed my Skyrim mod but I can't release it until I find a voice actor capable of giving life to this character.

It's a Skyrim mod involving a male character. The character is an old forgotten deity. He can interact with other NPC's such as Serana, Mjoll, Haelga, Babette, J'Zargo, Annekke, Aela, Sheogorath and vanillla followers.

The scripting has been tested and it works perfectly. I spent time editing voices with the vanilla resources. (I mean, e