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[Unpaid] Looking for singers to participate in covering Hamilton songs
Hello everyone! I am currently looking for people that would be interested in doing covers of songs from the Hamilton soundtrack.

If you are interested please take the following into consideration.

1. Be respectful of everyone.the entire soundtrack will be covered and that character roles will be assigned to people. 

Also note that if you are not chosen for a specific character you will be considered for the ensamble.

2.Have a decent quality mic.

3. Make sure that you'll be ab
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Looking for Singers for collab songs!
Hi everyone! Me and my friend are creating music using a mix of electronic and trombone and we are looking for singers! Looking for people with great voices who are able to sing along to the songs AND add their own elements. 

We are making a few songs, some slow scary, some fun and poppy. 
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[Paid] 3-4 Female Voice Artists/Singers Needed for Sci-fi Anthology Podcast
[color=#222222][font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]Hi, my name is Alex and I am the creator of a short story sci-fi anthology podcast called Chronicles of the Enigmatic. I currently have 4 episodes released and am almost finished writing episode 5. I am looking for 3-4 female voice artists who are also comfortable with singing some. Preferably, I am hoping to get people who can sing jazz, pop, and classical styles, but other styles can still be acceptable as the story isn't super depende
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Young Boy + Male Extras/Singers Needed - Peter Pan
A few months ago I started auditions for a full fandub of Peter Pan, which I am hoping to release just in time for Christmas. Editing and casting is coming on very well, with the majority of characters cast. However, I am still in need of a voice actor for one main character - John Darling. I originally self-casted myself as John due to lack of auditons for him, and I don't really want to voice him unless it's a last resort.

John is aged 8-12, with a British accent. He loves to play pi