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5-7 minute animation seeking voice talent!
Hello Everybody! I'm planning a huge project! a 5-7 minute Comedy/Romance Animated short. To serve justice to my animation I need some talented voice actors!

Please submit Tryouts in a .wav or .mp3 format to airgamezoffice@gmail.com

Animation's Estimated Release date (will notify about where I will post) :   2018 or early 2019
Voice Recording Estimated time (Never Recruited voices before so I have no Idea)  :  About 1-2 months [
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SPINES Seeking Voice Actress for One Episode
NOTE: The deadline has been extended to November 14th. Also, while we appreciate the interest of all voice actors, we are only considering voice actresses of color for this role.

[size=medium]SPINES is a horror mystery audio drama. Our first two seasons are complete and we are seeking a voice actress to narrate one episode in Season 3. This will be an episode of roughly 20 minutes, narrated entirely by this actress, and will be the first appearance of an important previously-mentioned character
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The Six Disappearances of Ella McCray is Seeking Auditions for Multiple Roles
*Note: the list of roles and sample lines has been edited to reflect the fact that some roles have been cast.

[size=medium]We are seeking auditions for a new audio drama from ZoomDoom Stories. This is a dark supernatural mystery involving conflicting accounts of the events surrounding a missing person’s case. Plot: On March 20th 2014, twenty-seven-year-old Ella McCray disappeared from her engagement party at a Southern Arizona ranch house. Six people witnessed her disappea
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[Closed] [Book Trailer] Seeking Five VAs for Wandering Land Audio Book Trailer
Seeking five voice actors to read lines for an audio book trailer to be released on various podcast feeds, social media, and other websites. Each role will require reading roughly five lines, which will be edited into smaller vignettes for the final trailer. Actors of all ethnicities welcome. American accents for all characters. Please send a recording of all lines (preferably 2-3 takes of each line) as a wav or mp3 to [email=jamiekillen0@gmail.com][size=medium]jamiekillen0@g
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[Unpaid] Doctor Who: Rebirth - Fan Audio Drama : SEEKING TWO LEADS
[align=left][color=#424242][size=small][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Hey there everyone, I'm the head writer, editor, director and producer of an upcoming fan audio drama series called Doctor Who Rebirth which takes place in an alternate universe where we get to play with our own incarnations of The Doctor, with the first incarnation using the like