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The Blind Angel [CLOSED]
Hello! I am an Animation student working on a final major project. I've chosen to do an origin story of sorts, and need voices as soon as possible.

EDIT: The following roles have been filled: Narrator, The Blind Angel, Masked Angel 2, Masked Angel 3, Masked Angel 4, Masked Angel 5
EDIT 2: The deadline has been pushed back to 25th May
EDIT 3: Auditions are now closed. Thank you for your auditions!


[s][b]Narrator: The most important characte
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Cardfight!! Vanguard: NEW WORLD (Cardfight Vanguard Fan Series) [NEW ROLES ADDED!]
Hey everyone! This is my first time posting here, but I'll do my Rubesty!

*Ahem ahem ahem*


[size=small]Cardfight!! Vanguard: NEW WORLD is a fan project I've been mulling over for quite some time, and I'd like to find some voice actors to make this project a reality! Featuring three new characters, new mechanics, and new cards, Vanguard's never had an
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Dragon Ball abridged Female roles
Hello there,
Our group known as the French Toast Mafia is in the making of a new abridged series know as Dragon Ball Abridged. We are currently working on the script for the trailer. We need some female voices to help us make this the best it can be. Don't worry male roles will be out soon.

Bulma (The co-star of the show she is young charismatic teenage girl who is on a quest to find the seven dragon balls.) line: "So what do you say a quick peek of me for that dragon ball, that seems l
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A variety of minor female roles for crime series pilot

I'm working on an animated series pilot for a serious 1960s crime drama, and I'm on the lookout for female voice actors interested in these female/young boy roles who are all fairly minor and low-commitment - few of them have more than 2 or 3 lines. Without further ado:

Annette Evellam [size=small][f
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Variety of minor male roles for crime series pilot!
This is obviously an addendum to this thread from a while back. So long story short, I've had a few voice actors find themselves unavailable on my project and am now looking for some versatile male VAs who are able to give life to any of the following roles. Minimum pay is $5, up to $30 depending on how many/which roles you do. Deadline is mid-October. My email is jackwilliamsaint@gm
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The Six Disappearances of Ella McCray is Seeking Auditions for Multiple Roles
[size=medium]We are seeking auditions for a new audio drama from ZoomDoom Stories. This is a dark supernatural mystery involving conflicting accounts of the events surrounding a missing person’s case. Plot: On March 20th 2014, twenty-seven-year-old Ella McCray disappeared from her engagement party at a Southern Arizona ranch house. Six people witnessed her disappearance. All six provided completely incompatible accounts of what happened. This is the story of their attempts to uncover the truth a