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How to Audition for your first voice acting role
How to audition for online voice acting projects
[size=small]If you're on this site then there's a chance that you want to get involved in amateur voice acting, or you might be looking for voice actors. This guide is for AVAs looking to audition, but might also be of use for those of you posting auditions so you can understand how the process works. Amateur voice acting roles are usually recorded in each actor's own home, they then send the files
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Kirby-Themed Project Old Thread (Please Delete)
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Kirby Themed Project - Male Extras Needed
Extras are needed to fill the gaps in a Kirby-themed webseries and portfolio project (Rated PG-13). This project is unpaid.

Please contact me at the email below for auditions. Deadline is August 15th. Any audio format is accepted. Multiple takes are appreciated.


My Email (Please Contact Me for Voice Acting Here):

My YouTube (Please Subscribe for Regular Updates):
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Male voice actor needed for quick and easy role
I am currently making a short Destiny machinima about a group of 3 Guardians who get trapped inside the Vault of Glass.
[size=small][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]
I am looking for somebody to voice Kabr for a brief role. Kabr is a confident leader, self-assured but sometimes intense.In terms of acccents, I don't want anything strong or over the top. A slight American accent is best, although the less of an accent there is, the b
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Fallout 4 Mod - One Male Role, Ghoul Character
I'm creating a mod for the video game Fallout 4 and I'm looking for a male voice actor to play the lead role. Due to my original voice actor dropping out I'm having to recast this role. The mod is titled "The Secret of Huntress Manor: A Far Harbor Story" and takes place within the Fallout 4 DLC, Far Harbor. All the scripts are written and ready to be sent out as soon as I find an actor.

Mod Description
Far to the south of Far Harbor, just off the coast of The Island, lies Huntress I
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Samurai Champloo Motion Manga Role
Hello! Thanks for taking the time to check this forum out. I'm in need of an actress to voice a role in the next Samurai Champloo Motion Manga on my youtube channel - http://www.youtube.com/ddadoha. I can't provide any compensation, but I'd be happy to post your website in the description (or on the homepage if you have a YT channel). The Samurai Champloo Manga are stories that essentially follow the anime. Fuu, Mugen, and Jin are three unlikely allies that go on a search for a samurai that smells of s
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One male role - "street racer" for original, animated series
[Video: http://<a href="https://www.youtube.com/...37FPts</a>]


"Adrenaline - Street Racing" is an original, animated series on YouTube. Three episodes have already been released with three more currently in the works. I'm recasting one role as the original voice actor went completely AWOL. =(


"Mike" is in his early 20's and is part of the main character's street racing team. His voice is generally upbeat, friendly, and a little urban-ish maybe. I imagine him soundi
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Justice League New 52 Important Role - Aquaman/Arthur Curry for future Motion Comcis
In need of an Aquaman (Arthur Curry) for future Justice League motion comics on my channel - http://www.youtube.com/ddadoha 

Please leave a message with a link to your demo reel if you are interested. The unofficial deadline is April 14th

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: Child Role in a Game Modification for Star Wars: KotORII
I need a voice actor that can perform as:
  • Male.
  • A believable 10-year-old child.
  • American or Canadian accent.
[color=#222222][font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]This is for a game modification (mod) for Star Wars: Knights of th
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Emergency Casting for Lesser Evils (Ensemble Role) [CLOSED]
Unfortunately, one of our ensemble members has dropped out of production and we are looking for one new cast member! Auditions close July 31, with the first recording date being August 1. Details under cut.

[i][color=#000000][size=small][font=Arial]It started with Walter Reine, the son of one of the richest men in the city. Then it was Ada Moore, one of the city’s local librarians. Eliza’s friends are all going missing, and she plan