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New site features tags! and resume pages
I'm really happy to have found a tag extension for the forum, this should help everyone find content easier and I am hoping will allow me to add some better features to the site. For now I recommend you use them when posting stuff like demo reels  and auditions so people can search for voice types and accents more easily.

Due to the tags being implemented, I've added a section on the forum for resume pages, this gives you a lit
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Azure's Voice Acting Resume [ Female, British]
How much experience do you have?
[color=#000000][size=medium][font=Times New Roman]I'm sure I must have missed things out on my resume list ( tell me if you spot something). I've been voice acting for over 15 years and over that time I've been involved in animation, games, mods fan dubs and audio drama among other things. I largely work as a fan voice actress for fan works such as fan dubs, audio drama, flash animati
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IskatuMesk's Voice Acting Resume
How much experience do you have?

Experience (as of 2015) -

Voice acting & sound engineering - 22+ years (both analog & digital)
2d game design - 17+ years
3d game design - 15+ years
Public Video Commentary - 8+ years
Private Developer Commentary - 5+ years

I have done both male and female vocals.

Where might you have heard me?

Anywhere in Starcraft, Warcraft, or Diablo customs. Various other projects, including Babylon 5 fan games, Let's Play'
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Xionfox's Voice Over Resume
Click to listen to my Demo Reel

My name is Jennifer and I am a Texas based Voice Actress. I've been voice acting online since 2007, getting my start on the VAA or, The voice acting alliance. I've gone by several alias which include Midnightmoonproductions, Aziro Fusima, and now Xionfox. I've worked on everything from fandubs to professional paid gigs over the last 10 years and am still going. I got my professio
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Brian Rollins, Voice Actor
New to the site, but I've been voice acting (and acting) for years.

What are you best known for?

I'm best known for my audiobook & podcast narrations. My most popular audiobooks are the [url=https://www.audible.com/search/ref=a_hp_tseft?advsearchKeywords=glen%20%26%20tyler&filterby=field-keywords]Glen & Ty
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ZACK ELLIS CHARACTER VOICE REELS [John Snow Impersonation & Others]