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Red Dwarf-Lister wanted
I'm planning a short re-enactment of the scene from Red Dwarf episode 'The End' where Lister wakes up from cryosleep in time for the 11th season starting here in the UK. I can voice Holly but I need a (preferably Scouse/Liverpudlian) voice to play Lister. This is an unpaid role for fun which I will credit you for.

Please send me clips of you reading this section as audition:

[color=#000000][i]She was part of me plan.  I never got round to telling her, but
 she was going to come with me to
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Red Dawn: The audio series. REOPENED


Red Dawn: The audio series. A modern retelling of the 1984 film. This version is much different and based in the near future. This is an unpaid project which will be available as free digital downloads.

Roles Needed:

Auditions are for the following characters:

Mr. Eckert

Mr. Morris

Mr. Teasdale

All are open.

Deadline for auditions is October 5th.

Send them to: anarchist86ed@yahoo.com