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Recording Room
Where do you usually record your voice overs? Do you have a specially designed, sound proof room, where you do your work? Can you do it in regular space as well, without noise interference?
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William Shatner recording vocals for Iron Man
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Voice Recording for Beginners
Voice Recording for Beginners
by Robert, http://www.dunyazad-library.net
January 2017

I hope some of it can be of some use to some of you.

1. Disclaimer
2. Introduction
3. The Recording Room
4. The Recording Equipment
4.1. Microphone
4.2. Recording Device
4.3 Summary and Prices
5. How to Record
5.1 Volume
5.2 File Format
6. Basic Editing

1. Disclaimer

This guide is meant for beginners. I am not a professional, I give advice to the best of my knowledge, but please bear in mind that you may g
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[Tutorial] How to get into voice acting part 1
[Video: http://<a href="https://youtu.be/JSNfyTH...THuAeI</a>]
[size=small]So you want to be a voice actor? This is a basic intro on how to get into voice acting online. The tutorial covers equipment, software, auditions and demo reels.

More info at http://www.voiceacting.space
E-mail me at : aralechan@gmail.com
Personal blog: http://www.gameswriting.coffee

My home audi
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Recording on Mobile (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch)
While this can be done with Android phones, the audio drivers tend to be glitchy or non-existent at best for operating an interface or USB microphone using the device. So I'm sticking to Apple devices for this one as their driver set is up there for audio and the quality from the Apple EarPod's microphone is actually best on Apple devices.

Method 1: Quick, Easy, and On The Go!

This is for people who don't really want to carry around a portable setup everywhere, and maybe see
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New microphone test!
I've talked about this in a few places but I got a new XLR recording set up!  It's taken a bit of learning but I am really enjoying it! I thought I'd post up a sample and see if any of you had feedback.

Play here
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Recording on Mobile (Android)

I was inspired by Mythical.Lanterns' post to create a quick Android guide to Voice Acting with your phone or mobile device.

My guide is quick and somewhat lazier, with just a few tips to help someone try their hand at VA, or record a quick audition when they're away from their microphone. Big Grin

Voice Recording Apps
So, there are quite a few apps out there that'll do the job, but the app I selected was [b][url=https://play.google.com/store/apps/d