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Community Interview project
I've done this a few times before but I'd like to host a community interview project. The idea is to interview people involved in the voice acting community, you can be pro or amateur it doesn't make a difference as long as you have a body of work to be interviewed about. You can be an actor, writer, director, sound engineer it doesn't matter as long as you deal in some way with voice over we want to hear from you.

In addition if you'd li
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Kirby-Themed Portfolio Project! Filling up!
WE NEED TWO MORE MAIN CHARACTERS FOR A KIRBY THEMED SPIN-OFF SERIES (Rated PG-13)! Plus some recurring and extra characters. This project is unpaid.

Please contact me at the email below for auditions. Deadline is May 20th. Any format is accepted.


My Email (Please Contact Me for Voice Acting Here):

My YouTube (Please Subscribe for Regular Updates):

My Ne
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Community Project - New Instagram
We have recently made a new instagram account for voice acting space! Considering this is a new addition, we need some help from you guys, the community, to make the new account fun and informational. 

What me and admin Azure were thinking is we think we could get pictures of members actual recording spaces. Then, we could post those spaces on the account and you can add facts about yourself, describe your setup, or other information about your voice acting venture. Then, we'll put in in the c
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Gaming lore/short story project!
Hello, all! I've been working on an audio related gaming project, and am looking for some feedback! While I do not necessarily consider myself a VA talent, this project is helping me work on a lot of skills, including better articulating myself and being comfortable with my voice. I also work with a variety of voice actors in the videos to lend their voices to characters, and reading game lore.

The project itself is, as aforementioned, gaming related. We go over a variety of random bits of ba
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Pokejedservo's Past Project Palooza!
Ladies & Gentlemen, here is a casting call that is for not one but three different older projects that I worked on in the past but were never finished & released for various certain reasons. (Certain actors couldn't turn their lines in on time, my personal issues kept getting in the way, lost some data a few years ago during a computer transfer.) So I thought I try to revive certain projects that I tried to work but didn't finish (well at least in this decade) by putting the available roles back
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Need Voice Actors for Destiny Machinima Project
[size=large][font=Arial, sans-serif]So, I've been working on a Destiny machinima project called Crota's Bane. It will be about an hour and 20-25 minutes when it's finished, and it's about a team of six Guardians who go on a quest to kill the Godlike monster Crota after he slaughtered an army of Guardians. It's almost finished and we've released a trailer, but we only have voice actors for two-thirds of the characters. The ones we are missing are Eris Morn (female) and Toland the Shattered (male)
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Kirby-Themed Project Old Thread (Please Delete)
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Kirby Themed Project - Male Extras Needed
Extras are needed to fill the gaps in a Kirby-themed webseries and portfolio project (Rated PG-13). This project is unpaid.

Please contact me at the email below for auditions. Deadline is August 15th. Any audio format is accepted. Multiple takes are appreciated.


My Email (Please Contact Me for Voice Acting Here):

My YouTube (Please Subscribe for Regular Updates):
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Project: Capital Extinction
Hello there! I am looking for voice actors for a cartoon called "Capital Extinction" which I am also a voice actor for. This cartoon is by Vintage Toilet on YouTube, it is about a cartoon-iverse (haha get it?) where everyone started off black and white, and then the apocalypse of cleansing when the transition to color happened. No one knows about the transition because it gives them amnesia if they're from the classic cartoons, like the Essence girls (Fray, Pe'pe, and Rose.) There's new toons th
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Project Odesia- Auditions are Open!
[Video: http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJofftDW5YI]

Hello! This is my first time recruiting on this website, hoping it'll help. Smile
[color=#2c3635][size=small][font=Verdana, sans-serif]For those who know me or know of me, thank you